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19 Aug. 2022


Most comfortable cities have been named: salaries and medicine

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Most comfortable cities have been named: salaries and medicine

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The year 2022 has radically changed the plans of millions of citizens of Ukraine. Many had to move to live in another city or in another country. And in many cases, the duration of this move will be several years.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has compiled a ranking of the most comfortable cities to live in. For evaluation, a scale from 1 to 100 was used, taking into account the following criteria:


the medicine





The assessment included 172 cities from around the world. This year, for the first time, representatives of Canada got into the rating, having received high marks.

5th place. Vancouver, Canada (Overall rating: 96.1)

Vancouver has the largest diversity of ethnic groups in the country. This did not prevent the city from becoming the cultural center of the country with a high standard of living against the backdrop of mountain landscapes. The largest seaport in the country contributes to continuous economic development.

4th place. Calgary, Canada (Overall rating: 96.3)

Another representative of Canada. The country has long established leadership in the field of medicine, not only in its quality, but also in accessibility. Calgary is also an example of a developed infrastructure combined with green spaces in the city.

3rd place. Zurich, Switzerland (Overall rating: 96.3)

Switzerland is known for its high level of medicine, education and developed infrastructure. Zurich offers great opportunities for large entrepreneurs and many locations for tourists. High prices by European standards are compensated by high salaries.

2nd place. Copenhagen, Denmark (Overall ranking: 98)

The capital of Denmark is not distinguished by cheap prices for a number of services, but the city has enough opportunities to spend free time for free in galleries and public parks. Copenhagen is a paradise for cyclists. The average salary is one of the highest in Europe.

1 place. Vienna, Austria (Overall rating: 99.1)

Last year, the capital of Austria was not even on the list due to restrictions during the pandemic. And today Vienna is the most favorable city for life in terms of medicine, education, the presence of cultural characteristics and the ratio of costs to living. Vienna has already topped the rankings earlier in 2018 and 2019. In 2022, the city once again regained its leadership in terms of living standards.