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It's a museum city, the architectural jewel of Ukraine, and the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the tour, visitors will stroll through the narrow streets of Lviv, taste the aromatic Lviv coffee, get a taste of Lviv life, appreciate the architectural heritage of past generations and visit churches of different faiths.

You can buy plane tickets from your home country to Poland (the most popular and convenient cities for arrival are Kraków and Warsaw) or another country, and then buy train or bus tickets to get to Ukraine, or you can use an individual transfer service and then choose a cozy and safe hotel in the city of your choice.

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The city of Lviv is located at the crossroads of ancient trade routes along which merchants from different countries traveled with their goods from north to south, from west to east and vice versa. Lviv lies in the center of continental Europe. The city stands at the border of two great cultures: Latin in the west and Greco-Byzantine in the east. An interesting fact is that the Main European watershed, which separates the rivers of the Black and Baltic seas, passes through the territory of our city. This picturesque geographical region is called Roztochchya, on the hills of which the original Lviv is spread. This, in many ways, the unique location of the city, was the reason why Lviv was never on the sidelines of history. It is not surprising that even today several different nations consider Lviv to be their own city. Economic and political interests of influential families, peoples and even entire states often intersected here. But despite this stormy and fast-moving history, our city never lost its optimism, humor and charm inherent only to it. Throughout history, our city was called by different names - Lviv (in Ukrainian), Lwow (in Polish), Lemberg (in German), Leopolis (in Latin), Lviv (in English) and others. But in spite of everything, Lviv has always been the western outpost of the Ukrainian nation - both in the times of enslavement and in the times of state independence of the Ukrainian people. The special charm of Lviv has been inspiring writers for several centuries, calling artists to their easels and creating an extraordinary atmosphere. Lviv is a museum city. In 1975, a historical and architectural reserve was created here, which covers the territory of medieval Lviv, and in December 1998, the complex of architectural monuments of the medieval center of Lviv was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. To feel the extraordinary atmosphere of our city, it is enough to visit Lviv just once, but having visited here once, you will definitely want to come back here again and again. We invite you to walk through the narrow streets of the city, taste fragrant Lviv coffee, feel the taste of Lviv life, appreciate the architectural heritage of past generations and visit churches of various denominations.

Each press tour includes:

Support from a travel manager, advice on entering Ukraine (how to get there, border crossing rules), guidance on safety rules, assistance in setting up an air-raid alert app, map of bomb shelters, transport along the route.

Profits from press tours are transferred to the restoration of Ukraine.

What is included?

Professional guide (Ukrainian, English)

Professional guide (Ukrainian, English)

Support throughout the route

Support throughout the route

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.