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20 Okt. 2022


Rules of return to Ukraine. Algorithm of actions in case of loss or damage to housing

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Rules of return to Ukraine. Algorithm of actions in case of loss or damage to housing

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Official merch from Visit Ukraine: wear "Ukrainian", support the country

Military actions in Ukraine, unfortunately, continue. But life goes on, and many of our fellow citizens return to their native land. For those who plan to come to Ukraine in the near future, we present some useful tips to make your return as comfortable and safe as possible.

Rules of return to Ukraine

1) Currently, there are automobile, railway, and pedestrian checkpoints in Ukraine. An up-to-date list of these points and their types are presented on an interactive map on the website of the State Border Service of Ukraine at the link.

Attention! Before returning, be sure to check whether your checkpoint is open and whether there are any restrictions on crossing it.

2) Take care of buying tickets in advance. Currently, there are many sites where you can find bus or train tickets. Exact information about the timetable can be found on the "Ukrzaliznytsia" website.

3) Information about the territories where hostilities are taking place and about temporarily occupied communities (TOT) can be found at the link.

To enter Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine must have one of the following documents:

• passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad;

• diplomatic passport of Ukraine;

• service passport of Ukraine;

• seafarer's identity card;

• ID card of a crew member;

• identity card for return to Ukraine;

• or other documents stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine.

Lost or expired documents will also not prevent you from returning home. In accordance with the legislation, a citizen of Ukraine, for any reason, cannot be restricted in the right to enter Ukraine.

If you lose your passport, invalid or expired documents, you can return home with a temporary certificate of return to Ukraine. It is issued by foreign diplomatic institutions (Consulates).

Compensation mechanism for damaged and destroyed housing:

1. Application submission. A citizen can submit an application for compensation of losses in person at the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services (CSC), or remotely through the "Diia" application, or through a notary public.

2. After a citizen submits an application, a special commission created by a local self-government body and military-civilian administrations draws up a property survey report. This act will be the basis for receiving future compensation.

3. Entering data into the Register of damaged and destroyed property. Commissions created by local self-government bodies and military-civilian administrations will fill the Register based on the results of the damage survey.

Information can be entered into the Register of damaged and destroyed property regardless of the location of a natural or legal person:

• independently on the Unified state web portal of electronic services;

• using the "Diia" mobile application using the registration number of the taxpayer's account card;

• through a center for providing administrative services or a notary.

Seeking shelter

Today, the state social program "Prykhystok" operates in Ukraine, which allows displaced people to get temporary housing, and also helps those Ukrainians who sheltered them for free. Details on accommodation can be found on the website.