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03 Dez. 2022


FlixBus launches 3 new routes from Ukraine to Poland and the Czech Republic

FlixBus launches 3 new routes from Ukraine to Poland and the Czech Republic

More useful news in our Telegram channel
More useful news in our Telegram channel

From December 15, the FlixBus company will launch three new flights from Ukraine. One of them will run to the Czech Republic, and the other two to Poland.

The new flights will go from Vinnytsia to Warsaw, from Ivano-Frankivsk to Poznan, and from Poltava to Prague.

List of new FlixBus routes:

N3242: Vinnytsia – Khmelnytskyi – Lviv – Lublin – Warsaw;

N3245: Ivano-Frankivsk – Lviv – Rzeszów – Lodz – Poznań;

N3271: Poltava – Kyiv – Lviv – Krakow – Prague.

You can find out more information about bus routes and schedule, as well as book a ticket, on the company's official website.

As you know, FlixBus launched six new routes from Ukraine to Europe after the start of the full-scale invasion war in Ukraine. This is an alternative to flights that are currently impossible from Ukraine due to hostilities.

The main advantage of the FlixBus carrier is a convenient one-ticket transfer system. To book a route with a transfer, you must enter the city where you plan to go during the reservation, and the system will automatically build convenient routes for you.

In total, the company already has 14 lines from Ukraine to five European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria.

We will remind you that earlier we told how you can get from Ukraine to abroad by rail. You can find out about which trains currently run between Ukraine and European countries in our material at the link.

Pay attention! In order to feel safe on any trip, do not forget to take care of medical insurance, which covers risks both in Ukraine and abroad. It is possible to issue an insurance policy online.