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Where to seek help for Ukrainians abroad

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Where to seek help for Ukrainians abroad

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Since the beginning of Russia's large-scale offensive, tens of thousands of citizens have left Ukraine every day. About half of them are now in Poland. In addition, people go to HungaryMoldovaSlovakia, the Czech Republic and other EU countries and the world.

Where can Ukrainians seek aid after crossing the border and what can they count on? 

Border-crossing conditions

Identification documents are demanded on the border. This can be a passport, both domestic and foreign, or any other document, including copies or electronic versions. Cases of lack of documents are also considered separately. To cross the border with a child, have the child’s birth certificate and your Ukrainian identification document ready.

Ukraine’s neighbors on the Western border have set care points for Ukrainians, fleeing the war with Russia. To learn more about the care points’ location in the territory of foreign states, find the desired country in the search engine on this page.

Which organizations abroad are providing aid?

Information regarding Ukrainians in Poland can be found on the official website on foreigners in the block “Aid to Ukrainians”. About the transport for Ukrainians in Poland you can learn in this group

Aid to Ukrainians, fleeing the war, is offered also by Latvia. Official information is provided on the website. On crossing the Latvian border you should contact the Foundation for Society Communication - you will get help with housing, work, meals, medical care and everything you need. The phone number is +371 27380380.

In order to get to Latvia from the Polish-Ukrainian border, you should contact the organization of refugee support.

Information on aid to Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria is offered on the website. Contacts of the State Agency for Refugees in Bulgaria are +359 876 388 427; +359 876 388 437;

To receive aid in Hungary, you should contact the group for Ukrainians’ support on Facebook. A Facebook group for supporting Ukrainians has also been created in Romania, here is the contact.

In Germany and Switzerland Libereco organization for human rights is helping.

Free transport for Ukrainians abroad

Austria. Refugees from Ukraine can use all local public transport Wienen Linien and OeBB trains free of charge.

Belgium. Refugees from Ukraine can use SNCB / NMBS trains free of charge.

Bulgaria. Refugees from Ukraine can use BDZ trains free of charge.

Croatia. Refugees from Ukraine can use HŽ Putnički prijevoz trains with "solidarity tickets" and "aid ticket to Ukraine" free of charge.

Czech Republic. Refugees from Ukraine can use the RegioJet, Leo Express, Ceské drahy and Arriva Transport trains free of charge. They can also use public transport in Prague and central Bohemia.

Denmark. Refugees from Ukraine can use DSB trains free of charge.

Ukrainian cars can pass through Oresundnsbronn (a bridge between Denmark and Sweden) free of charge.

Estonia. Refugees from Ukraine can use Elron trains and public transport trains free of charge.

Finland. Refugees from Ukraine can use Onnibus and VR trains for free.

They can also take advantage of a 95% discount on one-way Finnair tickets from Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Budapest and Prague to Helsinki.

France. Refugees from Ukraine can use SNCF and Thalys trains free of charge.

Germany. Refugees from Ukraine can use DB trainsODEG trains and all local VBB public transport free of charge.

Ireland. Refugees from Ukraine can use free of charge: Irish rail trains, Bus Ėireann bus transport and Expressway transport.

Italy. Refugees from Ukraine can use Flixbus transport and Marino bus transport free of charge. They can also travel for free with Trenitalia transport for up to 5 days from the time they enter Italy.

Hungary. Refugees from Ukraine can use all MAV trains with a free "solidarity ticket".

Latvia. Refugees from Ukraine can use Latvijas dzelzcelš trains free of charge.

Lithuania. Refugees from Ukraine can use LTG trains and Vilnius buses free of charge.

Luxembourg. Refugees from Ukraine can use all public transport free of charge.

Netherlands. Refugees from Ukraine can use NS trains free of charge.

Poland. Refugees from Ukraine can use free PKP trainsPolferriesFlixbus transportation from Polish border towns to other parts of Poland. You can also take advantage of discounted rates with LOT.

Uber also offers unlimited free travel between the Ukrainian border and Polish cities.

Portugal. Refugees from Ukraine can use free CP-trains of Portugal.

Romania. Refugees from Ukraine can use free CFR trains with a "help Ukraine" ticket and a STB shuttle bus. They can also use Romfour for a free shuttle bus from station to station. Romfour also organizes bus services to Italy and other European cities.

Slovakia. Refugees from Ukraine can use ZSSK trains free of charge.

Slovenia. Refugees from Ukraine can use the trains of the Slovenian Railways free of charge.

Spain. Refugees from Ukraine can use Renfe trains free of charge.

Sweden. Refugees from Ukraine can use Stena Line transport free of charge.

In addition, Wizz Air offers Ukrainian refugees 100,000 free seats on all flights in continental Europe departing from countries that share borders with Ukraine.