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The most mystical places in Ukraine: 10 locations where the heart stops



The most mystical places in Ukraine: 10 locations where the heart stops

Ukraine is rich not only in incredible landscapes, but also in mystical places whose history is filled with interesting legends and mysterious stories. Find out more about 10 places in Ukraine that are shrouded in mystery

Choose a tour in Ukraine for every taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for every taste

For most tourists, travel is all about fascinating landscapes, nature, architecture, exquisite castles and cathedrals, delicious food and many unforgettable experiences. However, some travelers like to go on more unusual trips.

A selection of the most mystical places in Ukraine will interest mystery lovers, those who are drawn to the unknown and incomprehensible and who like to search for places and phenomena that science cannot explain.

Pidhoretsky Castle, Lviv region

The village of Pidhirtsi is located in the Brodiv district of the Lviv region, the main gem of which is an outstanding architectural monument of the 17th century - the famous Pidhoretsky Castle. The guests of the castle, who stayed here in different periods, talk about the numerous ghosts that live within the walls of the building.

Recently, it was even possible to obtain the first scientific confirmation of the existence of paranormal phenomena in the walls and surroundings of the palace. As part of the preparatory work for the reconstruction of the castle, a detailed photo shoot of the territory of the complex was held. In some photos, it was possible to capture a transparent silhouette of a person.

Later, experts from "Ghost Hunters" - a reputable American research group - visited the Pidhoretsky Castle. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment, a detailed study was carried out, after which experts confidently noted that ghosts are present in almost every nook and cranny of the palace.

Kaminne village, Zhytomyr region

In the village of Rudnya-Zamyslovytska in the Zhytomyr Region, one of the most mystical wonders of the world is located - a stone village. This is a composition of giant stones of unknown origin. By their shape and location, the stones resemble a real settlement - small houses with a church. Scientists believe that the huge stones could have been brought by the glacier.

However, the local population tells a legend: there used to be a real village on this place, and once the Lord appeared here in the form of a poor man and asked for food. The villagers threw him only a crust of bread, then the Lord became angry and turned everything and everyone around into stone.

Zhevakhova mountain, Odesa

Another mystical monument of Ukraine in Odessa. In ancient times, a Greek settlement was located here. The Cossacks called this mountain the Long Grave. Zhevakhov Mountain was named in honor of Major General Ivan Zhevakhov, whose estate was located on the slopes of the peak.

They talked about the mystical power of the mountain after rumors about the appearance of inhabitants of other planets in this area. People say that it was here that they saw aliens who flew to Earth. Currently, the mountain is being seriously investigated by ufologists. Therefore, if you want to meet extraterrestrials, it is better to wait for them on Zhevakhova Mountain.

Mavrynsky Maidan, Mezhirych

The incomprehensible and interesting cluster of lowlands and hills in the middle of the steppe, not far from the city of Pavlograd in the Dnipropetrovsk region, remains a mystery to researchers to this day. Scientists say that this formation is more than five thousand years old, but they still cannot find out its origin. There are several theories: the Zaporozhian Cossacks used the Maidan as a defensive structure; some believe that unusual hills appeared as a result of excavations by archaeologists of barrows; a popular version is that the Maidan is a calendar-observatory complex.

However, all visitors note the extremely strong energy of this place, there are no trees growing on the territory of the square and no water is retained between the hills due to any precipitation.

Lysa Gora, Rzhyshchiv

Lysa Gora in Rzhyshchev was used for pagan rites. She is bald, because plants do not grow well here due to strange energy. Modern pagans often visit here, because the mountain is considered a good conductor of energy. Bald Mountain is located on the same meridian as the Egyptian pyramids and has a strange fame: being here, people experience strange emotions: they see something unusual, lose consciousness, and some, on the contrary, heal.

Lake of ghosts, Khropotova

A mystical place in the Khmelnytsky region. According to beliefs, this lake is a window to another world. It never freezes, even in the worst frosts. Also here, fish grows at a record pace and never runs out. In addition, they say that ghosts often appear over the lake.

Uzhgorod Castle

In the 17th century, the castle in Uzhhorod belonged to Count Druget. When the Poles reached the walls of the fortress and decided to capture it, one of the governors was sent to investigate the situation. The warrior met the count's daughter, who was very beautiful, they fell in love at first sight. Through feelings, the girl told the Pole about all the secret passages in the castle. When the father found out about this, he ordered his servants to bury his daughter in the walls of the fortress. Since then, every night the soul of the girl wanders the corridors of the castle.

Dominican Cathedral in Lviv

The Dominican Cathedral is one of the most picturesque monuments of Lviv, built in 1749. Before the Second World War, this baroque church was the main cathedral of the Roman Catholic monastery of the Dominican order. Today, the building belongs to the local Greek-Catholic community.

Numerous night watchmen say that at exactly midnight, incredible things begin to happen in the temple: an otherworldly choir sings, tightly packed books fall from the shelves in the cathedral's library, and the clatter of a typewriter can be heard from the walled room all night. All this happens until 3 o'clock in the morning. It is said that this is the ghost of a Dominican monk who continues to do the things he used to do during his lifetime. He is often even met by night guards - a translucent figure in a white cloak visits people.

Gromovishche meadow, Zhytomyr region

A small clearing near the village of Kupishche in Zhytomyr Oblast has been of interest to numerous scientists and researchers of anomalous phenomena for many years. Locals say that during thunderstorms, the lawn attracts lightning. In addition, people say that sometimes at night a strange glow appears on the lawn, after which a bright beam of light of unknown origin rises into the sky.

Scientists claim that such anomalies are caused by the reduced electrical resistance of some areas of the earth's surface. However, the locals try to avoid this place, because about a dozen people became victims of lightning in Hromovyshta. Also, everyone who steps on the lawn, even in good weather, suddenly has a bad mood and physical well-being.

Stone Tomb near Melitopol

The mystical monument of ancient culture of world importance is located on the right bank of the Molochnaya River, near the village of Terpinna in the Zaporizhzhia region. The stone grave served as a temple during the times of the Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns, Goths, Pechenegs, Khazars and Polovtsians.

In 1942 and 1943, the Germans considered the Stone Tomb to be the oldest Aryan monument.

There is a special energy at Kamyan Moghili - the area around it emits radio pulses with a frequency of 5 Hz, this is recorded by aerial photography. On the surface of the earth, they are depicted in the form of rings. Also, the equipment often fails here - sometimes it turns on and off by itself. This also confirms the presence of a strong energy field here.

The Ukrainian land is rich in mystical places, the history of which is filled with interesting legends and mysterious stories. Many parts of the country say that the afterlife is nearby and to see it, it is enough to be in the right place.

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