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Italy for Ukrainians in 2024: how to arrange protection, social support and major changes for refugees

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Italy for Ukrainians in 2024: how to arrange protection, social support and major changes for refugees

Ukrainians can apply for asylum in Italy in 2024. As in other European countries, it provides social support for refugees. Find out more about who can apply for temporary protection in Italy and what assistance is provided

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Italy took 5th place among the EU countries in terms of the number of Ukrainian refugees accepted. In total, about 180,000 Ukrainians have received temporary protection status in the state. Like other European countries, Italy provides asylum seekers with social support.

How to apply for protection in Italy in 2024? The rules for Ukrainians follow.

In which EU countries can I obtain renewed protection in 2024? Conditions and required documents.

International protection vs temporary protection. What is the difference and how to get it?

Read all about the new type of visa to Italy here.

How does the passport service work now and who can get ready-made documents? Details in this article.

Special conditions for entry into Italy and assistance for citizens of Ukraine in 2024

The Italian government provides assistance and protection to Ukrainians who are forced to flee the war. In particular, the country issues temporary protection status, the validity period of which has been extended until December 31, 2024 (without the need to renew the permesso di soggiorno card) with the provision of accommodation, medical care, access to housing, the labor market and education.

This law also provides for the conversion of a residence permit from temporary protection to a work permit when a Ukrainian signs a labor contract with a local employer.

Crossing the border without a biometric foreign passport is allowed if the refugee enters the country by land transport.

Children can come to Italy on the basis of a birth certificate, however, upon arrival, it is necessary to apply to the nearest Ukrainian diplomatic institution for the processing of documents identifying the person and confirming Ukrainian citizenship.

Also, if you have arrived in Italy with a child, you must immediately notify the public security authority nearest to your place of residence.

Moving to the country with pets is allowed, provided they have all international documents.

Who can apply for temporary protection in Italy?

Italy provides temporary protection:

- Ukrainians who were forced to leave Ukraine after February 24, 2022.

- Citizens of Ukraine who were on the territory of Italy until February 24, 2022 and now cannot return home.

- Citizens of third countries and stateless persons who legally resided in Ukraine on the basis of a valid permit and cannot return to their country.

Where to apply for protection?

Assistance centers for Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war currently operate in the following cities:

- Rome: hotline phone number 800938873

- Lazio region: hotline number 803555 (+390699509292 for calls from abroad)

- Naples: via J.F. Kennedy, 54 – Zona Fuorigrotta

- Milan: hotline phone number 020202

- the city of Florence and the region of Tuscany: +393896674128

- Piedmont region: +393516906640

- Bolzano: +393351438701

- Veneto region: +393898745065

- the city of Trento, telephone hotline 3316299

How can a Ukrainian get temporary protection status in Italy in 2024?

If you belong to the number of persons entitled to temporary protection, it is sufficient to apply for a residence permit to the police department at your place of residence. This application is free.

At the police station, you will be fingerprinted and asked to provide your personal details, passport or other identity documents. In addition, you will be issued with a certificate of application, which you must always carry with you until the date of issuance of a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection.

You can check the progress of the residence permit on the website of the local police department by following the link.

Should Ukrainians in Italy apply for refugee status?

Citizens of Ukraine fleeing the war have the right to issue a document that gives them the right to temporarily live in Italy. This permit also allows you to get a job in the country and travel to other countries, including Ukraine.

Ukrainians are not recommended to apply for refugee status because this type of permit involves significant restrictions.

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Social support for Ukrainians in Italy

The Italian Government is ready to provide the citizens of Ukraine fleeing the war with everything necessary, however, it should be noted that these functions are distributed among various state bodies. So, for example, temporary housing is provided by the Prefecture, medical care by the Ministry of Health, residence permits in Italy by the migration service (Questura), which can potentially create certain difficulties for citizens, since all these bodies are located in different places.

● Medical assistance in Italy

After applying for a residence permit for temporary protection, you are guaranteed medical care in the country, identical to that provided to Italian citizens. To do this, contact the ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale) where you live to be assigned a general practitioner and/or pediatrician of your choice.

For information on the validity of medical documents or health checks, call the toll-free number 1500.

● Work in Italy for Ukrainians

After applying for a residence permit for temporary protection, you can work as an employee (even seasonally) or be self-employed, attend vocational training courses, do internships and participate in other employment policy measures under the same conditions as Italian citizens .

In addition to the Italian tax code (codice fiscale) that was issued to you when you applied for the permit, you can use the residence permit or the permit application receipt (if you are still waiting for it) for employment and other procedures. .

You can look for a job in Italy by contacting job centers, employment agencies and other public and private institutions accredited by the employment service.

● Education in Italy

Ukrainian children have the right to study in Italian schools and universities on the same level as citizens of the country.

● Housing for Ukrainians in Italy

If you do not have a place to live, you can be placed in a network of emergency reception centers (CAS), the System of Reception and Integration (SAI) or other forms of accommodation provided by the state, such as temporary accommodation (hotels, accommodation facilities and religious institutes) or accommodation with private individuals .

If you have found accommodation on your own (stayed with relatives, friends or host families), the person hosting you is obliged to submit a Declaration of Hospitality (la dichiarazione di ospitalitato) within 48 hours to the General Directorate of Police - Immigration Office of the province in which you are staying you are

● Financial support in Italy

In Italy, several types of cash assistance are available, which are paid for a maximum of three months:

- If you have found housing on your own or stayed with relatives, friends and you are covered by temporary protection, you have the right to receive a cash payment of 300 euros.

- If you have a minor child (under the age of 18), you are entitled to a cash payment of 150 euros per month for each minor.

You can apply via the link (only from the territory of Italy).

When can temporary protection be refused?

A Ukrainian may be refused temporary protection if:

- the applicant will not pass a criminal record check,

- a foreigner may pose a threat to Italy's national security.

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