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15 Mar. 2022


Italy: rules of entry and stay for Ukrainian refugees



Italy: rules of entry and stay for Ukrainian refugees

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Today, our Ukraine is going through difficult but heroic times, where every honourable and sincere Ukrainian has a great mission. The heaviest burden is placed on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is our military who are fighting for the fate of every civilian at the cost of their own lives and cleansing our holy Ukrainian land from racist invaders. But you, ordinary civilian women, have an equally important mission, you have to save the lives of our children - future scientists, doctors, politicians, the military. So you have to protect the future of our indomitable Ukraine. At the same time, you have to preserve your lives, the lives of Ukrainian guardians, mothers, housewives and guardians of our Ukrainian traditions. Our elderly Ukrainians also have a meaningful task, because it is their advice that helps, sincere prayer protects, and patriotism flows into the hearts of young people and forces them to move forward to victory over the Russian invasion. Our unique motherland values ​​and needs each of you. It means that it wants you to survive and return when the victory over the Russian murderers finally shines over our Ukraine and our future. 

Today, many countries have opened their doors to Ukrainian women, children and the elderly, including Italy. Here we are ready to receive our migrants and provide them with housing, food and even work during the war in Ukraine. If you decide to go to Italy with your children or elderly parents, you should first contact the volunteers, whose contact details can be found here 

The border crossing procedure for our Ukrainians is as simple as possible, details can be found on the official website of the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy. It is also important to get acquainted in advance with possible ways to get to Italy and choose the most comfortable option for yourself. You can easily find relevant information on this site

If bullets are whistling over your head, if your children are afraid to sleep because of explosions, if your elderly parents can no longer sit in the basement, you can wait for the stormy times in Italy, where you are ready to receive support. You can find details on the website 

At the same time, keep calm, because your panic is easily transmitted to children, be strong and balanced, it will add optimism to your parents. Along the way, try to be indifferent to people who leave Ukraine with you, help each other, calm down, follow the culture of communication, be friendly, remember that Ukrainians are not only strong and indomitable but also spiritually rich, humane and friendly nation, stay that way despite everything.

And remember that your departure is temporary because victory is coming soon, you will return to a free, independent and invincible Ukraine, where you are expected, loved and proud of each of you. Everything will be Ukraine!