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15 Mär. 2022


How Ukrainians can help support the economy during the war?



How Ukrainians can help support the economy during the war?

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In a very difficult time for us, Ukrainian IT-company Intellias has published recommendations on how every Ukrainian can help the economy. It is estimated that due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian economy may lose 10% of its GDP. Roman Pavlyuk, Vice President of Intellias Technology, said that the biggest factors were the following:

▪️almost all international logistics are completely stopped: airports are closed, ports are closed, certain restrictions are imposed on state borders;

▪️Our main logistics warehouses were located near Kyiv. Everything is blocked there now, which means that almost all domestic trade, especially online, has also stopped;

▪️Ukraine exported metal and grain through ports, which are blocked now;

▪️sowing, as well as agriculture, is under total threat: the main "granary" for us is the South, where our main exports goods - sunflowers and wheat - are grown;

▪️international companies that have production in Ukraine are likely to be forced to close production due to logistical difficulties and high risks, which means that tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs;

▪️more than a million people have left their homes and jobs with it, which means they have dropped out of the economy and stopped investing in it.

In such circumstances, Prime Minister Shmyhal called on Ukrainians who are safe and able to continue working in non-combat areas, to resume their activities. To this end, President Zelensky has already announced tax reform and maximum deregulation of business: "The only condition is that you ensure the proper functioning of your business within the framework of the Ukrainian law."

Intellias provides tips for ordinary Ukrainians on how to help rebuild the economy now:

1. Stop volunteering for the sake of volunteering. That's how you sacrifice working time. If you have a job now, then this is your main line of defence.

2. Keep using money: pay bills, pay taxes, order pastries from your friend, as you did before the war, have a manicure done, haircut done  in a barbershop, buy food in the same shop as before, pay for an apartment, pay for classes with therapist, yoga coach, etc.

Try to keep the turnover as high as possible. This will be your contribution to the fight, and that's fine!

3. Entrepreneurs, keep business open at the slightest opportunity! Especially in western Ukraine, where the threat of war is less. This is very critical now.

4. For those who have gone abroad: look for a job and start it immediately. Your donations to the army and transfers to Ukraine, even minimal, will be very valuable to us. If you have the opportunity to evacuate and not stop working for Ukrainian companies, do it. Paying taxes in Ukraine is very important.

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine informs that the number of vacancies has started to grow since March 7. During the last week, 250-500 new vacancies appear every day.

List of useful links for the unemployed:

🔺The State Employment Center updates the lists of vacancies in various fields every day. Since the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Center has updated 2,340 vacancies

🔺You can also follow the updates of the labour market here

🔺And here

🔺The Telegram channel has been created, where vacancies in all regions of Ukraine are promptly updated