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16 Mär. 2022


Regime of humanitarian aid admission from abroad to Ukraine



Regime of humanitarian aid admission from abroad to Ukraine

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

From March 3, the procedure for passing humanitarian aid across the border to Ukraine has been simplified as much as possible. Now you only need to fill in the form to import humanitarian aid across the customs border

⚡️Full instructions on how to transfer humanitarian aid:

1️⃣ Form the humanitarian cargo abroad, grouping it into separate groups of goods (food, medicine, household items, personal protective equipment, etc.) and make a list of them.

2️⃣ Collect shipping documents for cargo (if available) and hand them over to the person who will accompany the movement across the border of the goods (in particular, the driver).

3️⃣ At the checkpoint at the state border, the person transporting the goods (accompanying the goods to the destination) should declare the moved goods by groups according to the prescribed form and together with the available accompanying documents hand it over to a customs official.

4️⃣ Declaration of goods to be moved must be made separately for each vehicle by which humanitarian goods will be delivered to their destination.

5️⃣ After customs clearance and vehicle admittance, deliver humanitarian goods to the destination.