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20 Jun. 2023


How a foreigner can get or renew an identification code in Ukraine: detailed instructions



How a foreigner can get or renew an identification code in Ukraine: detailed instructions

An identification code is an important document because without it, it is impossible to buy real estate, open a bank account, or register a business. Find out how to get an identification code for a foreigner and what you need to do

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Buy insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine

Today in Ukraine, a taxpayer identification card is used to account for and register individuals who are obliged to pay taxes, fees and other mandatory payments to the budget or contributions to state trust funds. Previously, this document was called an individual tax number (ITN) and both names are currently used.

Incoming foreigners are also required to obtain the relevant document in accordance with Ukrainian law.

In what situations may a foreign citizen need a TIN? We will tell you more about this in the article.

Obtaining an identification code for foreigners: why is it necessary?

A foreigner may need an identification code (number), in particular, to establish a business in Ukraine, open a bank account, make investments, participate in the constituent documents of enterprises, issue a power of attorney or enter into civil law contracts that are notarized, as well as to obtain a work permit in Ukraine and in other cases.

Read more about how foreigners can get a job in Ukraine here.

In particular, the taxpayer identification code for foreigners, also known as a tax identification number, is used for:

- Including information about foreigners in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations;

- opening bank accounts for foreigners, including accounts of non-resident investors or accounts related to securities;

- establishment of legal entities in Ukraine with the participation of foreigners;

- execution of constituent documents with the participation of foreigners;

- notarization of contracts, powers of attorney and other transactions in which a foreigner participates in the territory of Ukraine.

- accrual and payment of any income to a foreigner received from Ukraine.

Thus, an identification code is necessary for foreigners in various situations related to their activities, financial transactions and legal relations in Ukraine.

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The necessary documents for obtaining an identification code (TIN) by a foreigner in Ukraine include:

1. A scanned copy of the pages from the original valid passport of a foreign citizen, which contains clear images of the photo, data on the place and date of birth and a mark of entry into Ukraine.

2. Tax number in the country of citizenship of the foreign citizen (if available).

3. Full address of the foreign citizen's place of residence and place of birth.

4. Accurate transcription of the foreigner's surname and name in Ukrainian to avoid conflicts with previously translated documents.

If any documents were previously issued for the foreigner in Ukraine, a scan of the Ukrainian translation of the name and surname in these documents must be provided.

To obtain an identification code, a minor foreigner must provide the following documents:

- A copy of the birth certificate.

- Original translation of the birth certificate into Ukrainian, certified by a notary.

- A copy of the passport of one of the parents.

- The original translation of the passport of one of the parents into Ukrainian, certified by a notary.

- A temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine (if any).

- The original power of attorney in the name of a representative who will represent the interests of the foreigner in the tax authorities, certified by a notary.

The procedure for obtaining a TIN for foreigners: terms and cost

To obtain an identification code (TIN) for a foreign citizen, a certain procedure must be followed. It includes the following steps:

1. Official translation of the foreigner's passport.

2. Preparation of an application to the tax office.

3. Preparation of the necessary documents.

4. Representation of interests in the State Tax Inspectorate.

5. Obtaining a taxpayer card.

Please note! The timeframe for obtaining a TIN by a foreigner may be extended, especially for those who do not have specialized knowledge in this area. Complications may arise due to the translation and adaptation of documents of foreign citizens. 

Frequently asked questions about obtaining a TIN by foreign nationals

If a foreigner has a residence permit in Ukraine, does he/she need to translate his/her passport to obtain a TIN?

In this case, a passport translation is not required, as a TIN is issued on the basis of a temporary or permanent residence permit.

Can a foreigner obtain a TIN without personally appearing at the State Tax Service?

Yes, it is possible. However, in order to submit documents and obtain a taxpayer card without the presence of a foreign citizen, his representative needs a notarized power of attorney to perform these actions. If the power of attorney is issued outside Ukraine, it must be legalized and apostilled.

Is it possible to restore a TIN if it has been lost?

Yes, it is possible. A foreign citizen must submit an application and provide a notarized translation of his/her passport, as well as a copy of the page with the last border crossing stamp or a permanent/ temporary residence permit in Ukraine. It is also recommended to attach a copy of the previous tax number, if any.

Is it possible for a foreigner to refuse to obtain a TIN?

No, it is not possible. A foreigner will still need a taxpayer's card to conduct financial transactions. If a foreign citizen engaged in entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine refuses to obtain a TIN, he or she may be subject to fines and penalties, as well as confiscation of the products manufactured and funds received as a result of this violation.

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