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07 Jul. 2023


Why do people travel to Ukraine: the most visited places



Why do people travel to Ukraine: the most visited places

The security situation in Ukraine does not stop foreign tourists from seeing the beauty of Ukrainian nature and the atmosphere of its cities with their own eyes. Find out why Ukraine attracts so many tourists despite the full-scale war and where people go most often

Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website
Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

Ukraine is rich in natural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage sites, turbulent history and delicious cuisine. Landmarks of the state attract tourists from different continents. Also, Ukraine is now being talked about all over the world, because the country has been heroically defending itself against a full-scale invasion by russia for almost 1.5 years. Interest in Ukraine is growing every day, and therefore the number of tourists who want to visit the country is increasing.

Why do tourists go to Ukraine? What are the most visited places of interest in Ukraine? Let's talk further.

How to plan a trip to Ukraine?

The first question that tourists are interested in when planning a trip to Ukraine is whether it is safe to travel to the country now? There are absolutely no completely safe regions in Ukraine. The threat of rocket fire remains in every region. However, if you follow safety rules, you can minimize the risks.

It is also important to have reliable insurance for a trip to Ukraine. Visit Ukraine offers a unique offer - insurance covering war-related risks. Currently, there are few insurance companies that cover insurance incidents related to combat and war. A military risk insurance policy will be a reliable protection during your trip to Ukraine. Read more about insurance here. You can issue a policy by following the link.

Another important factor is the cost of travel. Prices in Ukraine are average. A vacation in the state for two for one week will cost travelers $435 (₴16,000).

We talked more about safety rules and prices in Ukraine earlier.

What is worth seeing in Ukraine?

Trip through the cities of Ukraine

In most countries of the world, the first thing that attracts tourists is the capital of the state. Kyiv is no exception - a symbol of the courage, strength and indomitability of Ukrainians.

The capital of Ukraine is so diverse that it impresses every tourist. Travelers return here again and again, because Kyiv has everything: fascinating ancient churches, ancient buildings and modern towers, mystical places, beautiful parks and hospitable restaurants. You will not be able to stop admiring the beauty of the Ukrainian capital. Kyiv is also one of the oldest capitals of Europe (it is more than 150 centuries old). The city is home to almost 2,000 monuments of nature, history and culture, so during your trip, be sure to take a tour of ancient Kyiv to get to know the history of the Ukrainian capital in as much detail as possible.

Many tourists like to travel to the most beautiful and hospitable city in the world – Odessa. Every tourist should be in Odessa at least once, fall in love with this Black Sea pearl and return here again and again. The city has everything - sun, sea, color, fantastic cuisine, interesting history and rich nature. And also - a simple road. The airspace in Ukraine is closed due to the martial law. This makes travel to Ukraine difficult for most travelers. However, a tourist can fly to Chisinau airport (Moldova), and from there in just a few hours drive to Odesa in a comfortable car.

Connoisseurs of architectural monuments like to travel to Lviv, because this city is a real open-air museum. There are more than 2,000 monuments on its territory, including 50% of all architectural monuments of Ukraine. In addition, most of them are located in the city center. In Lviv, you can walk endlessly, meeting absolutely unique houses and buildings on your way. Evening Lviv is also mysterious and mystical.

Natural pearls of Ukraine


The nature of Ukraine is another reason why tourists choose to travel to the country. Mountains, lakes, seas, waterfalls and ancient trees - all this is in Ukraine. The most popular among tourists are:

● Lake Synevyr is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, shrouded in many legends, it is located at an altitude of almost 1,000 meters above sea level, has an average area of 4-5 hectares, and the greatest depth is 24 meters. One gets the impression that the age-old fir trees that grow on the steep slopes around the lake fall down to its water surface. In the very center of the lake is a tiny island, to which you can swim on a raft if you wish.

● Shipit waterfall is one of the most beautiful Carpathian waterfalls, the waters of which fall from a height of fifteen meters. Also, during the excursion to the waterfall, tourists will climb on the cable car to the top of Mount Hymba, where a grand panorama of the Borzhavsky Highlands opens from a height of 1,300 m. In the bear rehabilitation center, you will meet the master of the Carpathian Mountains, depicted on the coat of arms of Transcarpathia, the brown bear. The history and culture of Transcarpathian Hutsuls will conquer travelers with their bright color and originality.

Hiking tourism is also popular in Ukraine. Tourists conquer the peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians, admire the beauty of mountains and nature. Beginner tourists and experienced travelers choose to climb Petros and Hoverla – a three-day hike along the Black Mountain range to the most popular and one of the most beautiful peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians. During the program, you will visit: the village of Kvasy - Menchul valley - Kopytsia mountain (1689 m) - Seshul mountain (1726 m) - Shumneska valley (1590 m) - Petros mountain (2020 m) - Skopeska valley (1518 m) - Peremychka tract - Hoverla Mountain (2061 m) - Zaroslyak TC. This route can be your first serious hiking achievement.

Visit Ukraine is an organiser of tours around Ukraine. 800 tours. Choose yours on the website.

Visit Ukraine on social media: Telegram | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

How to get to Ukraine?

Those who are interested in the most visited places in Ukraine should know that the airspace in Ukraine is currently closed. You can come to the state exclusively by land transport. The system of bus and railway connections in Ukraine is developed at a fairly high level. The transport is comfortable, moves according to the schedule.

The most successful route to Ukraine is to fly to one of the airports in Europe, which is located near the border with Ukraine, and from there continue the journey to the chosen Ukrainian city by train or bus. You can see the schedule and buy a ticket via the link.

Those who travel by their own car should take into account possible queues at the border when passing border control. In order not to lose extra time, we advise you to check the status of the border you have chosen to cross in advance. How to do it? Detailed instructions here.

There are various types of accommodation facilities in Ukraine, from budget hostels to expensive hotels. However, when choosing where to stay, be sure to pay attention to the availability of nearby shelters. You can book the best hotel in Ukraine here.

Importantly! In the conditions of martial law and curfew, the Ukrainian taxi has changed its mode of operation. Take this into account when planning your trip. How to call a taxi during the curfew and air alarms, read in our material.

Ukraine hospitably invites all travelers! More safe tours in Ukraine at the link.

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