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24 Mär. 2022


Mitigation of covid restrictions in some countries



Mitigation of covid restrictions in some countries

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European countries are gradually easing quarantine restrictions both domestically and for entry.

❗️ It should be noted that for Ukrainians who are forced to flee the war, all restrictions on entry into European countries have been lifted.

The following is the list of countries and weakened quarantine requirements that are already known:


From April 1, Covid certificates are not required to visit most places outdoors, and from May 1 - for indoor use.


Since March 20, the country has lifted most restrictions on covid: masks will remain mandatory only in medical clinics and nursing homes.

United Kingdom

The UK has lifted all restrictions on entry.

Starting on March 18, tourists do not need to take tests or fill out a passenger locator form to fly to the UK. The lifting of restrictions applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists.


From March 15, you do not need to fill out a PLF form for passengers


All restrictions have been lifted since March 23


From March 8, as in Greece, you no longer need to fill out a questionnaire before departure


From March 28, inGeorgia you will no longer need to wear masks on the street. All restrictions on the number of visitors to institutions, as well as sports, cultural and social events are also lifted. However, masks still need to be worn indoors, including in public transport. Mandatory self-isolation for Georgian citizens entering the country without a PCR test is also abolished. Prior to that, unvaccinated Georgian citizens were sent for 5 days of self-isolation if they entered without a PCR test.


As of March 14, in France you no longer need to provide proof of vaccination when visiting bars, restaurants, stadiums, theaters and events. The mask regime is also canceled


From March 3, requirement for obtaining HES code to enter the country is abolished. HES code has also been abolished for domestic use. Mask regime has been cancelled for outdoor wearing, indoors and in public transport it is still mandatory

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