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28 Mär. 2022


Revolut simplifies access for all refugees from Ukraine to the EU

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Revolut simplifies access for all refugees from Ukraine to the EU

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Opening an e-money account in the EU usually requires proof of residence in Europe. Revolut has simplified this requirement so that as many Ukrainians as possible can create an account to access their funds.

Revolut allows those who have crossed the border to access their money by linking the application to their Ukrainian bank account. In the Revolut mobile application you get a virtual bank card, which is convenient to use anywhere in the world. You can pay with a card in the local currency of the country where you stay, or withdraw the necessary cash. This is very convenient due to low interest rates on currency conversion. Other available features include instant money transfers between cards, cost analytics, money transfers abroad, and more.

If you were forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion, you need to do the following to open an account:

▪️ Download Revolut

▪️ Click "Register" and enter a valid phone number;

▪️ Select the country you are currently in as your country of residence, such as Poland;

▪️ Provide your current address outside of Ukraine, such as the shelter address, and complete your personal information;

▪️ Confirm your identity by selecting and uploading your Ukrainian passport or identity card.

If you left Ukraine but are of a different nationality, you will need to follow the same steps and upload your passport and Ukrainian visa.