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20 Aug. 2023


Lazy holidays: the best places for a relaxing holiday in Ukraine



Lazy holidays: the best places for a relaxing holiday in Ukraine

World Laziness Day is celebrated on 20 August. On this day, everyone can arrange a real holiday and take a break from the routine. For those seeking a break from the bustle of city life, Ukraine offers many beautiful places for a relaxing holiday. Find out where you can switch off your brain, enjoy nature and feel in harmony with yourself

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Vacation is a time when we get out from under stress and routine to enjoy peace and harmony. And despite the difficult situations that Ukraine is going through, it continues to attract tourists with its beauty, history, and hospitality. 

We are telling you about interesting places in Ukraine where you can have a good and safe vacation alone, with friends or with your family.

Holidays on Volyn lakes

The Volyn region, with its many beautiful lakes and panoramic views, is an ideal place for those who want to spend a relaxing vacation in nature.

Surrounded by dense forests and calm waters, the lakes Svityaz, Pishchane, Shatske and others create a unique atmosphere where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature and the purity of the water.

Here you can also go fishing, watch the sunset or take a quiet boat trip.

Artificial lakes in quarries

The nature of Ukraine is amazing: it has its own deserts, spectacular cliffs and canyons, caves, and thermal health waters. However, the most popular locations among travelers are amazing lakes with beautiful blue water.

Among the many natural wonders that Ukraine has to offer, incredible lakes, often compared to the exotic Maldives, occupy a special place. The Blue Lakes, Granite and Vilnohirsk quarries, and many others surprise with their clear turquoise water, which will help you refresh on a hot summer day.

Read more about the most beautiful beaches in Ukraine, where you should definitely have time to relax here.

Vilnohirsk quarry

Wine tasting in Zakarpattia

The Zakarpattia region has a mild climate, with warm springs and not too hot summers, and is therefore home to many wineries. Not only are grapes grown on thousands of hectares of land, but every house has a small grape oasis.

The most popular wineries in Zakarpattia are:

● "Staryi Pidval" in Berehovo district;

● Wine cellar in the village of Kidosh, Berehove district;

● Wine house "Beregvidek" in the village of Yanoshi;

● Uzhhorod fortress.

These wonderful locations for wine lovers are truly unique. Here you will learn about traditional grape processing and wine making, taste high-quality Ukrainian wine, delicious snacks (cheese, raisins, nuts), and walk among hundreds of hectares of vineyards. 

Mountain vacation in the Carpathians

The Carpathians are one of the most developed regions of the country in terms of tourism. Here you can find everything you need for a great vacation - mountains, man-made lakes, hotels, waterfalls, hiking and cycling routes.

The most popular vacation destinations in the Carpathians are Bukovel, Yaremche, Yablunytsia, and Krasiya. Uzhhorod and Mukachevo have medieval castles, waterfalls, stone viaducts, and many other attractions in Plov and Sheshorskyi Huk.

Tourists like to swim in artificial lakes, hike in the mountains, and go fishing. And you can always taste local cheese and wine in local kolybas.

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Holidays in western Ukraine

The safest and most popular cities for tourists in Ukraine are currently the cities of Western Ukraine. Here, everyone can discover interesting architecture, cuisine, life and traditions of Ukrainian cities, visit museums and interesting workshops.

 Lviv region. A trip to the Lviv region will be interesting for those who want to immerse themselves in ancient architecture and delicious cuisine.

● Volyn region. Volyn is famous for its medieval castles, numerous churches, museums, and nature reserves. Those who come to see the famous sights always discover new and interesting places during their travels.

 Chernivtsi region. The northern part of Bukovyna is ready to surprise you with its natural beauty and more. Fans of ski resorts will find the Turetska Vershad Pass, which offers breathtaking views of the Bukovyna Carpathians.

● Ternopil region. People come here to see the magnificent Vyshnevetsky Palace and the Zbarazh Fortress, to taste the signature Migulinets beer and to see the magnificent panorama of the city of Zalishchyky.

● Ivano-Frankivsk region. People come here to celebrate Ivan Kupala according to all the traditions, to celebrate the New Year in an unforgettable way and to climb the highest mountain in Ukraine - Hoverla.

Hoverla mountain

Thermal waters in Zakarpattia

Surrounded by the Transcarpathian mountains and green forests, there are special places where hot springs have been inspiring people to relax and improving their health for decades. 

These locations include Solotvyno, Berehove, Kosyno, and the picturesque village of Lushmory. 

These places are known for their unique salt lakes, hot springs, and complexes. The thermal springs of Zakarpattia are generous in temperature and healing properties.

Each of these unique locations can be easily reached by train or bus. You can choose plane, bus or train tickets within Ukraine and between cities around the world here.

For your convenience, we also recommend booking a hotel in the desired region of Ukraine in advance. And in order to protect yourself from unexpected expenses during your vacation, we advise you to take care of reliable health insurance.  

Every corner of Ukrainian nature is breathtaking in its own way. These amazing locations undoubtedly amaze with their beauty. To see the spectacular views of lakes, mountains, and waterfalls, as well as to take a break from the city routine and feel calm, you can choose a tour of Ukraine to your liking.

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