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Top places in the Carpathians that look especially beautiful in the fall



Top places in the Carpathians that look especially beautiful in the fall

The Carpathians fascinate with their beauty and local flavor at any time of the year. But in the fall, the lakes, waterfalls, meadows, and real natural wonders nestled among the fluffy mountains are most impressive. Find out about the top 11 locations where you can relax and discover the beauty of the Ukrainian mountains for a weekend or longer

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

In the fall, the Carpathians are dressed in a special yellow and red outfit. The land is covered with mushrooms and berries, and the mountains are enveloped in a thick, luxurious fog every morning. We're going to tell you about the best places to relax in the autumn Carpathians, where you should definitely visit and feel the magic of the Ukrainian mountains.


The ancient customs and traditions of the Ukrainian highlanders are best preserved in the village of Verkhovyna and neighboring villages. Here, the original meaning of folk festivals has not been forgotten, and people wear keptsars and embroidered shirts not only to church. This colorful village is known for its numerous museums that tell about the history of the region, traditions and life of the Hutsuls. Tourists are also offered horseback riding and rafting on the Black Cheremosh River. 


Yaremche is a tourist center in the Carpathian Mountains. It is home to the popular Probiy waterfall and a colorful souvenir market. Visitors can visit numerous restaurants, enjoy traditional Hutsul cuisine, and listen to folk music concerts in the evenings. 

From Yaremche, you can climb various mountains and meadows, including Yavirnyk and Makovytsia, and enjoy the unsurpassed flowering landscapes.


Dragobrat is the highest ski resort in Ukraine. It is located at the foot of the Stig and Blyznytsia mountains, at an altitude of about 2 km above sea level. 

In autumn, it offers incredible views. From the resort, you can climb the Svydovetsky massif and see one of the most beautiful mountain lakes, Vorozheska. Indeed, the views here are breathtaking.

You can also enjoy activities such as trekking, cycling, horseback riding, fishing, skiing, mushroom and berry picking.


This seemingly small region is home to an exceptional collection of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque monuments. It's a city with a mix of eclectic styles, aromatic wines in cozy streets, an extraordinary aura and strong energy. 

Fort Palanok towers over the city and is the main attraction of the city. This cozy town was built around an impregnable fortress that protected Mukachevo from enemy attacks. In the fall, the aristocratic atmosphere of this castle-like ancient town is especially wonderful.


The highest peak in Ukraine is 2061 meters above sea level. This mountain is the most popular route in the Ukrainian Carpathians. 

Hiking to Hoverla is considered serious mountaineering and is not easy, but no special training is required. The Zaroslyak campsite has a parking lot, a convenience store, and equipment rental. It is easier to climb from the Green Route, and you can go down past the waterfall at the source of the Prut River. The amazing views and landscapes here are really worth seeing with your own eyes.

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Kostrych Ridge

Kostrych Ridge is called one of the most beautiful ridges in the Carpathians. It is located between the Chornohora and Pokutsko-Bukovyna ranges on the other hand. 

Locals strongly recommend hiking around Kostrych and experiencing the full beauty of this ridge. From here, you can see Mount Petros, slightly hidden in the shadow of Hoverla, and Pip Ivan, which can be seen from the shadow of Mount Smotrych. On the other side of the ridge you can see Mount Rotylo and the lower peaks of the Carpathians.

Polyana resort

The village of Polyana is located in a small, narrow valley surrounded by forest on all sides. This deciduous forest turns into a colorful fairy tale in the fall. 

It is also one of the most famous places in Zakarpattia and one of the most visited by national and international tourists. There are numerous mineral springs in Polyana. The best sanatoriums in Ukraine are located here, where people come to relax their bodies and souls.


The undeniable advantages of the resort are its beautiful nature, clean air and many springs with healing mineral water. In the fall, the resort turns beautiful yellow and warm colors. 

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the beautiful routes in and around Migovo, extreme sports enthusiasts can go rafting on the Cheremosh, and those who want to dilute the silence and birdsong with cheerful music can visit the Trembita entertainment center.

Borzhava slopes

Borzhava's uniqueness lies in its immersion in the wonderful world of dense forests that rise smoothly to the top of the mountain.  Every year thousands of tourists visit these meadows for hiking. Surrounded by beech forests, the peaks smoothly flow from velvety slopes to cinematic heights. 

The Borzhava Valley is especially beautiful in the fall, when the wide slopes turn a variety of colors - from bright orange to dark red. And this colorful bouquet is complemented by delicious blueberries scattered on the slopes.

Manyava waterfall

Manyavsky waterfall is recognized as the largest waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians in terms of water volume. The height of the waterfall is 18 meters. The riverbed below the waterfall forms a stone canyon of incredible beauty, and a small clear lake forms at the point where the water falls. The waterfall is surrounded by a forest of firs and beeches, which is fascinating to look at.

Synevyr National Park

Synevyr is the largest mountain lake in Ukraine. The mountains, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, are located in a national park with crystal clear waterfalls, rivers, protected and virgin forests. There is also the Wild Lake and the White Beast Waterfall.

There are numerous mountains in the park, over 1500 meters high, which offer spectacular views. There are also museums, hotels, and mountain huts in the area.

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The incredible mountain landscapes of the Carpathians, vineyards and thermal springs amaze with their beauty, and the culinary delights and wines do not allow you to pass by. To personally experience all the living folklore traditions, you can choose a tour of the Carpathians to your liking.

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