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Online platforms for learning Czech

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Online platforms for learning Czech

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

About 200,000 Ukrainians left for the Czech Republic. In the new country, it is critical to understand and speak the state language - it depends on employment, housing, household chores, such as opening a bank account or receiving medical care, and security in general abroad.

Below you will find a list of different options to help you learn Czech.

Czech language courses for foreigners - e-learning of the Center for the Integration of Foreigners

The page presents video courses in the Czech language. Courses focus on basic conversation used at school or work. Here you will find a series of videos on the topic Czech at work, Czech at school and Family course.

Czech as a second language - META organization 

The aim of e-learning is to support children and students who start learning Czech as a second language at different ages. Here you can learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and Czech in practice. Content of lessons and exercises - various topics related to school, family, leisure, etc.

Inclusive school - META organization

The Inclusive School website is a comprehensive source of information for professionals, educators working with students in other native languages, schools and parents of foreign children. Here you will find a lot of information and supporting materials. The file contains 15 thematic classes.

An application of the META organization and the Center for the Integration of Foreigners for the Practice of the Czech Language.

Speak Czech! was created due to the support of the EU Leonardo da Vinci program as the only online Czech language course for foreigners in English, German, Polish and Slovak. There will be multimedia content with exciting interactive exercises, games, texts, as well as various audiovisual manuals.

In it you will also find a specialized course of professional medical Czech and the necessary information for medical students, foreigners working in the field of health care, and residents of border areas who would like to work in the Czech Republic.

Movies and TV series in Czech with Czech or English subtitles

Movies, TV series, online broadcasts or just listening to the Czech language will also help you learn Czech.

Fairy tales, cooking shows, sports broadcasts, news - all for free.

Czech TV Online (Ivysílání)

Show movies and you! (Promítej i ty!) Is a platform that allows you to show quality documentaries for free and legally - both for yourself and for a wide audience. This project is related to the Jeden svět festival, which is the largest screening of human rights documentaries in the world. It negotiates and pays for licenses to film rights holders, so you can easily and effortlessly download and watch all the documentaries in your own living room or open-air cinema.

Dozens of literary classics (for example, Bozhena Nemtsova's "Grandmother", Jan Neruda's "Little Stories" or Josef Shkvoretsky's "Cowards") are available for free download on the Czech Radio website. The most famous poems, novels and short stories are not as you know them from school: their characters speak in the voice of leading Czech actors.

Other sources and applications for learning the Czech language

A site designed for people who want to learn the Czech language. Here you will find links to Czech radio, lessons, vocabulary, word games, Czech news, newspapers and dictionaries.

Improve your language skills with native speakers who live or study near you.

An online community where you can offer reciprocal lessons.

Improve your language skills with native speakers living in your area.


Free Czech language lessons, common phrases and dialogues that can be taught in an interactive format


You-Tube channel for learning Czech

Czech step by step

A textbook for learning Czech

Mobile applications

If you want to learn on the go, mobile apps are a good choice for you. You can train with them in the park, by the water or on the train.


This application has become a legend during its existence. So it is very likely that you have heard of him. Its popularity is justified. The whole application is built on the principle of learning a game, and therefore you will practice much longer than if you just cram. In addition, it works on mobile phones with all operating systems - no matter what smartphone you own.


Do you want to communicate with native speakers, but you are afraid to speak? In this application you can write and mutually correct any errors you find. And this application works, in fact, like any other messenger. However, you can adjust how long you want to exchange messages, how many messages or characters you want to write.


The application offers language learning with the help of new words and phrases.