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21 Mär. 2022


Czech Republic: employment and financial assistance to refugees from March 21

Für Flüchtlinge


Czech Republic: employment and financial assistance to refugees from March 21

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In the Czech Republic, refugees from Ukraine are going to receive humanitarian aid in the amount of 5,000 crowns during the first 3 months of their stay in the country.

The Senate of the Czech Republic approved a bill on the payment of special humanitarian benefits to Ukrainian refugees. The document was hastily signed by the President of the Republic. Payments will begin on March 21, 2022. This was announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

All refugees who arrived in the Czech Republic after the Russian invasion (from February 24, 2022) will be able to receive the allowance if they have a special visa vízum strpění. The allowance amount of 5000 kroons is set equally for both adults and children. According to the NBU, as of March 21, 1 crown costs 1.35 hryvnias.

The first payment will be made to everyone automatically upon presentation of a passport with a visa. Only those people who are in a difficult financial situation (unemployed and do not own property in the Czech Republic) can apply for the next allowance, but no more than five times. That is, in total, refugees will be entitled to six humanitarian benefits of 5,000 kroons each (after six months, refugees in need will be able to continue receiving state support, but within the framework of standard social assistance).

Payment can be received both in cash and by bank transfer. In the second case, the applicant will need a Czech bank account. Without exception, all banks in the country now offer Ukrainians free opening and maintenance of an account, and two major players, Raiffeisenbank and ČSOB, even pay financial assistance to refugees in the amount of 2,500 kroons when opening an account. This is an initiative of the banks themselves, it has nothing to do with state benefits.

To apply for a humanitarian allowance, you will need to contact the regional office of the Labor Exchange at the place of residence (Úřad práce ČR). The department is currently working on a mobile application that will allow you to apply for benefits online so that people do not stand in lines.

From March 21, refugees from Ukraine can also work in the Czech Republic without obtaining a permit. From that day on, a special law will come into force in the Czech Republic, regulating the provision of protection and visas, employment, social security, access to health care or education. According to which refugees from Ukraine with a visa have the same status as immigrants with a residence permit. They don't need to apply for permission. They can look for work directly without having to go to the employment office.

Refugees will also be able to register as unemployed. The employment office will then provide them with advice and, subject to conditions, support and, if necessary, retraining and employment assistance.

Read about the rules for entry and stay of Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic here.