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20 Nov. 2023


Traveling for 29 euros: top of the most convenient train routes in Europe



Traveling for 29 euros: top of the most convenient train routes in Europe

Rail routes sometimes not only provide an opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of European cities and natural landscapes, but also significantly save your budget. Find out more about the best train routes between European cities

Order bus, train, plane tickets to/from Ukraine and between cities around the world
Order bus, train, plane tickets to/from Ukraine and between cities around the world

Traveling in Europe offers many comfortable and exciting rail routes connecting different cities on the continent. Euronews Travel tells you about several countries that can offer comfortable train travel.

Most of the railway routes in Europe are modern ways to travel comfortably. In particular, European carriers make their passengers' trips as comfortable as possible. 

From Austria to France, Germany and Italy

Traveling from Vienna to Paris is once again becoming exciting thanks to the initiative of Austrian national railroad ÖBB, which is reviving sleeper trains in Europe under the Nightjet brand. At the end of 2021, a new route was launched connecting Vienna and Paris, which passes through Salzburg and Munich. The journey time is 14 hours, and the train runs three times a week in both directions. Ticket prices range from 30 euros for a general seat to 120 euros and above for a private compartment.

In the summer of 2023, Nightjet introduced a new generation of trains equipped with wireless charging stations, free Wi-Fi, storage for bicycles and sports equipment, and private compartments with private showers and toilets.

Nightjet's new schedule for 2023 also extends its route coverage from Vienna-Munich to Milan, Geneva, and La Spezia in Italy. From here, travelers can easily connect to trains to Monaco, Nice, and Cinque Terre.

From France to the resort or Germany, Italy and Spain

This winter, the journey to the Alps is even more convenient: the Paris-Bourg train is back. The train will run from December 14 to March 24.

Burg is located near the ski resort of Les Arcs. The funicular will take you from the city to the Arc ski resort in just seven minutes.

The night train division of Austrian rail operator ÖBB, Nightjet, will resume Berlin-Paris services from December 10, 2023, after a nine-year hiatus. Starting with three flights a week, passengers will be offered daily service starting in the fall of 2024.

France and Germany have also announced a new TGV train route between Paris and Berlin, which is due to start running in 2024.

Currently, traveling between the two capitals requires travelers to change trains at a separate station, such as Cologne or Frankfurt. The new high-speed route will allow passengers to travel in about seven hours.

In addition, it will be easier to travel from France to Italy and Spain:

In December 2022, FS Italiane Group, which owns Trenitalia, Italy's national state railroad, announced strategic plans for a new high-speed rail service, Frecciarossa, between Paris and Madrid.

The new train will connect Paris and Barcelona, with plans to launch in late 2024. It also hints at the possibility of introducing other routes connecting Madrid with Italy through France.

Also, the French startup Midnight Trains plans to establish a new night train between Paris and Venice via Milan from 2025, with the support of the European Commission. This will open up the possibility of traveling from the UK to Italy faster and with greater ease.

From the Czech Republic to Switzerland

In December 2022, Czech national rail operator České dráhy (ČD) will launch a new night route connecting Prague with Zurich with stops in Frankfurt and Basel.

The journey on this new night route, which was suspended in 2017 and resumed again, will take just under 14 hours. Passengers will have a variety of seat options: from six-seater couches to luxury sleeper compartments with separate toilets and showers.

The cost of tickets for a six-seater compartment starts at 49.90 euros.

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Through Italy and from there to France

At the end of 2021, the Italian company NTV Italo launched a train to Genoa, connecting the port city in northwestern Italy with the southern regions of the country. Previously, there was no connection there. The journey from Genoa to Naples takes less than seven hours. Tickets cost about 80 euros round trip.

In July, Italy will introduce a new direct high-speed route from Rome to Pompeii and back. This route connects the capital with a popular tourist city in the Campania region. The journey takes less than two hours, departing Rome at 8:53 am and returning from Pompeii at 18:40.

Initially, the train will run on this route only on the third Sunday of each month, but the number of trips may increase in the future.

In addition, a new flight to Paris (France) was launched from Milan. A new train of the Italian national railroad Trenitalia was put into operation for the route between Italy and France.

The train reaches its final destination faster and more conveniently than previous trains on this route, covering the distance in less than seven hours. Tickets cost only 29 euros.

From Germany to Sweden, Italy, Croatia and Poland

Germany - Sweden

The Swedish railway company Snälltåget has changed the route of its train from Berlin to Malmö via Hamburg and Denmark, extending it to Stockholm. The full journey takes just under 17 hours. Tickets cost from about 50 euros.

Germany - Italy

Nightjet's new schedule for 2023 has extended flights from Vienna/Munich to Milan, to Genoa and La Spezia in Italy. From here you can travel to Monaco, Nice and Cinque Terre.

Germany - Croatia

In the new timetable for 2023, Nightjet has extended its sleeper train service from Munich to Venice, Ljubljana and Zagreb from Stuttgart. The seasonal route will run to the Croatian coastal city of Rijeka, with a total travel time of about 15 hours.

Nightjet to Venice operates via Munich, Salzburg and Treviso, while flights to the capitals of Croatia and Slovenia are operated by Croatian Railways HŽ and Slovenian Railways SŽ under the management of EuroNight ÖBB.

Germany - Poland

In 2024, the ÖBB Nightjet train will connect Munich in Germany with Warsaw in Poland via Rosenheim in Germany, Salzburg, Linz and Vienna in Austria and Krakow in Poland.

Nightjet from Vienna to Berlin will follow a new route via Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic and Dresden in Germany.

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