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17 Apr. 2022


Employment of Ukrainian refugees in Hungary

Für Flüchtlinge


Employment of Ukrainian refugees in Hungary

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Hungary has passed several hundred thousand refugees from Ukraine across its border and joined European directives to legalize them and improve their living conditions. In particular, this applies to the right to work, which is available to both those who have applied for temporary protection (oltalmazott) and those seeking comprehensive asylum (menekült). However, please note that if you are there on a visa-free regime, you cannot use this opportunity until passing one of the mentioned procedures (as without it, it is possible only in the presence of the work visa, GNP, etc.).  

Moreover, the government set an exotic requirement for the employers who want to recruit a Ukrainian worker: refugees must be provided with accommodation at the cost of the employer- government recovers 50% of these expenses but not more than 60 thousand forints. Additional accommodation spending employer and the worker share in a half.

Searching for a job process is the next step. People require documents and useful contacts to ask about employment. 

You should speak at least the English language to work in Hungary. It is highly recommended to be proficient in Hungarian as well. However, this language is considered to be one of the most difficult in the world, so get ready— it will be a tough process. 

The state offers all applicants for temporary protection 520 hours of Hungarian language courses to facilitate adaptation in the environment and assistance in finding a job (from the migration service, which will provide you temporary protection). Information on passing the level exam (certificate) is provided by the Department of Education of the country:

Some additional useful on-line resources:учить-венгерский


Employment is not available at all only for those positions / jobs that require Hungarian citizenship as a prerequisite. But vacancies for refugees in this country are only for those professions for which there is a shortage of labor. In addition, you can only get a job for 20+ hours a week, for a period of one year with a possible extension of one more on request.

Regarding the specifics of finding a job in Hungary, non-residents have one original point that most of the European community will not find. The simplified employment procedure does not mean that you do not need to obtain a permit for it ("facilitated" - they mean, apparently, that it is free, unlike in other cases). You can find all the necessary information about contacts, application forms and documents here:

However, there is also good news: as you have a scarce profession for the Hungarian market, which the country desperately needs right now, the National Office for Foreigners will issue you the necessary certificate at an accelerated process.

In general, to obtain a certificate of residence permit, you must have the following documents: 

• prior agreement with the employer (example:;

• a certified copy and a certified translation of the certificate of education or qualification;

• completed application form and application (see download link above);

• fresh photo;

• TAI number (social insurance), issued upon presentation of an application signed by the employer and a Hungarian registration card in Budapest or regional centers at the address (in the capital): H-1139, Budapest, st. Teve, 1 / a-c, OR the employer does it himself electronically;

• tax identification number (come to the Special Tax and Customs Department of the National Tax and Customs Service at: H-1077, 75-81 Dob Street, Budapest, and fill in the form № T34 on the spot);

• identity card.

At the same time, the Hungarian Immigration Service does not facilitate employment. Surprisingly, the National Employment Service website does not contain any information on the registration of the unemployed with further traditional services. Immigrants are advised to look for vacancies on, directly, "temporary employment agency websites" and "large job portals."

The labor market in Hungary

The average salary in this country is 414,362 forints (1,189 euros). There is the concept of the minimum wage: 260,000 forints (735 euros) for professionals and 200,000 forints (565 euros) for all others. Renting the most modest one-room apartment in Budapest will cost 300 euros.

The most desirable in the Hungarian labor market will be doctors, in particular, dentists and surgeons, drivers, salesmen, cooks, welders, and engineers. There are also many vacancy sites for seamstresses, builders, handymen, waiters, nannies, and housewives.

Job search

• International job search resources for Ukrainians:

Online work:

• Hungarian labor exchanges: (in Ukrainian!)

• Personal offers:

TESCO invites sales / assistant sellers, Hungarian-speaking cashiers to shops in Budapest, its suburbs and border locations: +36 20 827 1506, [email protected]

Valeo Factory (available without Hungarian, English only),

Work and internships for students:

What to do after getting a job?

For you personally - nothing. According to the above rules, the employer must electronically submit an application form to the National Employment Service, enclosing the employee's passport and contract.

Other useful links and contacts

Reservation of coworking spaces:, Milestone Institute & Impact Hub Budapest Community Space Refugee Center ( for-ukrainian-refugees-at-milestone /).