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17 Apr. 2022


Employment of Ukrainian refugees in Romania

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Employment of Ukrainian refugees in Romania

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The norms adopted by the European Commission for our temporary protection seekers also work in Romania, our neighboring country, which has so far received a large number of Ukrainian citizens. And on employment - too.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, it should be noted that the right to work is valid only if you are registered in Romania as a recipient of temporary protection - visa-free travel (entered with biometrics and not registered) prohibits job search.

Next - about how to prepare for it, what are your chances of success, where to ask for help and how the labor market in Romania is organized?

Language adaptation

Without at least a basic knowledge of the language of the host country, it is very difficult to find a job there. Unless it's some kind of remote on English-language online platforms, unskilled without communicating with locals, working directly with and for our refugees etc. Romania offers Ukrainians a wide range of language courses to make it easier for them to adapt and find employment.

You can learn Romanian using these contacts: 

Please note that some vacancies will require you to provide a language certificate. Usually, as you study officially, at the end of the course you will pass the exam at the level - in accredited institutions.

Documents and legal basis

Official work is available for citizens of Ukraine with a long-term visa - a contract can be issued for 9 months. If at the end of this period you have an individual employment contract (full-time), the right to temporary residence can be extended. This means that as at the time of the war you already had a work visa in Romania and lived in that country, and it has come to an end, you just get a job again or extend your contract - you will automatically be allowed to stay in the territory (apply for temporary protection) and work until the end of the asylum period.

If this is your first experience in Romania, apply for the classic Asylum, wait 3 months and get a job. Or for temporary protection - then you can look for it immediately. In the second case, you do not even need to obtain a permit.

If you want to work according to your qualifications and specific specialty (not doctors, pharmacists, architects, etc. - they require documents), but do not have legalized according to EU rules diplomas, certifications, certificates, fill out a declaration under your responsibility, indicating that you are not convicted and trained, have experience in this field. Here's what it looks like:

The rest of the documents are quite common: an identity card (to copy you from somewhere when drawing up a contract), any diplomas, certificates, recommendations from past work, especially in English, are welcome, and certificates of placement in the status of international defense. And, of course, a summary. How to write it is set out here:

Templates to downloading: 

You can fill it in on-line and then download or print:

The situation on the labor market

Taking into the account the vast majority of our asylum seekers are women, Romanian employers have focused on providing vacancies in services, trade, food, e-commerce and logistics. For men there is a lot of warehousing, construction work, specialists in the field of electrical engineering, engineers, drivers are preferred. 

For reference, Romania has a law on the minimum wage and currently stands at 515 euros. On average, Ukrainians can expect to earn up to 1,220 euros a month, which is generally enough for a normal life, taking into account all other social benefits offered by the government. 

How to search for a job? 

The National Employment Agency of Romania may be your first assistant. Contacts:, contact Mon-Thu, 8:00 - 16:30, Fri - from 8:00 to 14:00. You need to register there, after which our citizens can expect the following free services:

• information and professional consultations (tell about the Romanian market, help with profiling, teach the specifics of finding a job in this country);

• professional training (retraining, advanced training);

• recognition and assessment of professional skills;

• finding vacancies and contacting your employer.

Registering with this agency means not only all possible assistance in your professional realization in Romania, but also the opportunity to receive unemployment benefits until you find something, on an equal footing with Romanians.

Another commercial HR-agency Lugera & Makler Romania provides a free consulting for Ukrainian refugees.  You can contact them using Facebook:

Or e-mail: [email protected]

There is also an information center for those wishing to get a job in the city of Iasi: +40759479303, [email protected] .

If you want to look for a job manually, you can use the following web-sites: 

  • International platforms for Ukrainian refugees: 

Remote job:

  • Romanian job-searching platforms - initiative from JRS Romania, a humanitarian refugee foundation, to find work in Romania (aggregator map like bulletin board, where employers and not only them present their proposals) 

  • Personal proposals: and – hotel and restaurant business, resort regions - spa- therapists, waiters, maids, reception

Teachers: you need to fill in the questionnaire here ( ), details: 

+40731 079 897 (Olga) – kitchen workers, cleaners, construction industry, warehousing professions 

A lot of narrow proposals on the bulletin boardробота/ are for Ukrainians. Often without language!

If you have been employed and your rights as an employee are violated (pay a salary below the minimum level, otherwise neglect the terms of the employment contract), contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity: / contact.