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Traffic rules in the Czech Republic: what drivers should know

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Czech Republic


Traffic rules in the Czech Republic: what drivers should know

In order to feel as confident as possible while driving in a new country, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the main rules and restrictions that apply to drivers in advance. Learn more about all the important aspects of driving and traffic in the Czech Republic

Insurance policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Insurance policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

Each country has its own specific nuances and traffic rules that should be taken into account when planning a trip or business trip. For example, in Poland, there are winter fines for drivers, and in the Czech Republic, you need to have a special electronic traffic vignette to drive a car. Read more about the rules for using toll roads in the Czech Republic here, and learn more about other features of the Czech traffic rules in the article below.

Road markings in the Czech Republic: lanes that are forbidden to drive on

In the Czech Republic, there are special lanes that are prohibited from driving from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. Such lanes are intended for public transport and are marked with special inscriptions on the asphalt: BUS - for buses, TRAM - for trams and TAXI - for taxis.

Speed limits in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, speed limits are monitored by special devices, and the maximum deviation from the permitted speed is: 3 km/h when driving up to 100 km/h, and 3% at speeds over 100 km/h.

The maximum speed limit in the Czech Republic is:

– 50 km/h within settlements;

– 90 km/h - on roads outside settlements;

– 80 km/h - on highways within settlements;

– 130 km/h - on highways outside settlements.

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Other important rules for drivers in the Czech Republic

1. A passenger who is at least 150 cm tall and at least 12 years old can ride in the front seat of a car. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to be transported without a special child seat or booster (fine for violation of 2000 CZK).

2. Using a telephone while driving a car is prohibited.

3. Glass tinting: light transmission for the windshield - 70%, for side windows - at least 75%. In case of exceeding the permissible norm, the use of the vehicle is prohibited.

4. Dipped beam headlights must be on at all times, regardless of the time of day or season. Fog lights are used only in appropriate weather conditions. In case of stopping at a railway crossing, the driver must turn off the headlights and turn on the parking lights.

5. The car may be parked only in designated areas with appropriate signs. At the same time, the car is evacuated in the Czech Republic very quickly (within the first 5-10 minutes after improper parking). 

5. Drinking even in small doses before driving is prohibited in the Czech Republic - even if there is 0.3 ppm of alcohol, the driver will receive a fine of 2500 to 20000 CZK and will be deprived of a driver's license for a period of 6 to 12 months.

What to do in case of an accident in the Czech Republic?

If you have an accident in the Czech Republic, do not try to leave the scene of the accident. Check if there are any injuries - if necessary, report the accident by calling 112 (unified emergency service) or 155 (ambulance). Put up an emergency stop sign (50 meters away on a road, 100 meters away on a highway) and wear a reflective vest. 

If the accident does not require a police call (minor damage to two vehicles with no injuries), drivers can draw up a Euro protocol. If an accident involves three or more cars, if there are dead or injured people in the car, or if the drivers cannot agree on the culprit of the accident or are unable to resume traffic on the road due to significant damage to the cars, the police should be called.

Please note! Green Card insurance is mandatory for driving a car with foreign registration in the Czech Republic. If the driver does not have an insurance policy, he or she will have to compensate for all damages (to the car, driver, and passengers) at his or her own expense. At the same time, he will additionally be fined for not having insurance for the vehicle, the amount of which depends on the period of insurance expiration. In some cases, the police may seize the vehicle and deport the driver with a subsequent entry ban.

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We remind you! Currently, there are several toll highways in Poland, the cost of which varies depending on the type of vehicle. Read our previous article to find out where toll roads in Poland are located and how to pay for them.

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