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19 Feb. 2024


Where to go in March: top best holiday offers in Ukraine

Tourists in Ukraine


Where to go in March: top best holiday offers in Ukraine

Spring is an ideal period for holidays and travelling. In March, nature begins to awaken and the first rays of sunshine bring renewal and energy. Find out which tours are particularly attractive for spring trips

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

March is the time of nature's awakening, soft sunshine and the opportunity to enjoy many unique holidays in Ukraine. From the western Carpathians to the Black Sea coast. We'll tell you what tours you should consider when choosing your spring break.

The Carpathian Mountains

Holidays in the mountains are relevant at almost any time of the year. But the spring mountains are a special kind of beauty. This is the time when the mountain peaks are still covered with snow and the air is filled with the freshness of a spring morning. In the spring, we advise you to pay attention to a relaxing holiday, during which you can enjoy the beauty of nature and admire the historical terrain of the Carpathians.

One of the most interesting offers is Discovery Peak, where tourists can visit mountain ranges, ride jeeps and taste authentic Hutsul food. You can also go horseback riding and relax in a cottage with incredible mountain views. The price for this tour is 56 euros (about 2300 UAH).

In March, we will celebrate the long-awaited International Women's Day. If you still don't know what to present to your woman, we have a great option: "Carpathians on 8 March: Bukovel, Verkhovyna, Jeeping". This tour can be a great greeting for your ladies. Together you will be able to spend unforgettable three days in the Carpathians, namely: visit Bukovel, take a walk near the waterfall and enjoy the magnificent views of Verkhovyna. In your free time, you will be able to experience relaxation in a Carpathian vat. The whole tour package will cost only 123 euros (a little over 5000 UAH).

You can feel the energy of the Carpathian Mountains, the silence and majesty of beech forests, the soothing sound of a mountain stream, and enjoy the picturesque waterfalls during a spa-ausflug in Lumshory. A nice bonus as part of the tour, which costs only 22 euros (about 900 UAH), will be a tour of the ruins of Nevytsky Castle, lost among the Carpathians.

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The Black Sea

Ukraine is famous for its geographical diversity. After all, you can find adventures for every taste, even with a touch of salty sea. Yes, we are talking about the Black Sea, which washes the southern regions of the country. But the question arises: "where can you enjoy the sea, romance and hospitality at the same time"? Easy! Odesa is a city that welcomes its guests with colour, centuries-old history and cosy cafes.

If you want to spend an unforgettable time on the Black Sea coast, you should take a Sightseeing tour of Odessa: Legends and Myths. There you can visit the legendary Deribasovskaya Street, visit the smallest square, see monuments, the Potemkin Stairs and the world-famous opera house. The price of such a tour is 82 euros (about 3400 UAH).

Also, taking advantage of your stay in this radiant city, we advise you to visit the Individual Wine Tour near Odesa, which costs 587 euros (a little over 24 thousand UAH). However, we would like to point out that this is not just a tour, but a real masterclass in wine production. You will be able to enjoy tastings and learn about winemaking technologies. Also, everyone will be able to buy branded wine products as a souvenir. 

Photo: Natalia Vlasenko

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Trips to Ukrainian cities

Romance and beautiful landscapes lurk in almost every corner of Ukraine. Wherever you go, the mood of love soars. However, the city of Lviv is always ready to give positive emotions to its guests in a special way. 

It is said that Lviv is similar to Paris. Old buildings, cobbled streets, couples in love all around. And it's not just the architecture or the people, it's the atmosphere. Lviv encourages long romantic walks, dates in cosy cafes and other romance. Lviv is a city for lovers, and spring is a time of love. That's why we advise you to pay attention to the "Romantic tour of Lviv", which will introduce you to the most important places of the city. The price for the tour is 100 euros (4100 UAH).

Also, don't forget about Uzhhorod - a cosy city that is a unique combination of cultural traditions, historical monuments and the unique flavour of Transcarpathia. Uzhhorod is rich in historical heritage, which can be seen in its architecture, streets and museums as part of the "Individual Tour: Uzhhorod and environs". You can visit this intense tour for just 127 euros (5230 UAH).

How could we not mention the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. This beautiful city will always find something to surprise its guests. To get to know the city in more detail, we recommend visiting the Secret Kyiv tour, which will tell you not only about the history and legends of the city, but also immerse you in the city's vibrant present. If you want to visit non-traditional neighbourhoods and get to know the local culture, stumbling upon hidden coffee shops, quirky shops and colourful street art that showcase the dynamic and creative side of Kyiv, then this is definitely your option. This tour will cost you only 108 euros (about 4500 UAH).

Photo: Instagram ©radiosound_ua

It is worth noting that tours from Visit Ukraine provide the best service during travel, as well as professional guides who know the history of every piece of Ukrainian land from A to Z. Also, guides who speak English can easily conduct tours for foreign citizens. 

By the way, foreigners wishing to visit Ukraine can take advantage of various offers to get to know the country better. Tourists from abroad also have the opportunity to visit the de-occupied regions of Ukraine, which were controlled by the russian occupiers for some time. All offers can be found at this link.

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