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Holidays in Transcarpathia: top 10 places to visit in spring



Holidays in Transcarpathia: top 10 places to visit in spring

Spring is a time when you want to make new discoveries. At the same time, despite the difficulties of today, it is important to find time for rest. In particular, Zakarpattia is a well-known place in Ukraine for relaxation and recreation. Find out more about the great places to visit this spring

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Transcarpathia is a unique region of Ukraine, because it has everything: amazing nature, unusual architecture, numerous cultural monuments, delicious cuisine and interesting traditions. Also, it is in Transcarpathia that the largest balneological resorts in Ukraine are located, this exotic corner attracts thousands of travelers every year.

What to see in Transcarpathia? Top 10 places that tourists should visit in 2024 and beyond.

● Lake Synevyr is the largest mountain lake of the Carpathians, which is located in the protected area of the National Nature Park with the same name, at an altitude of almost a thousand meters. Due to its beauty and uniqueness, Synevyr is included in the list of "Seven Wonders of Ukraine". Its depth reaches 24 meters, and the water remains icy in all weather conditions. Synevir is approximately 10,000 years old, it was formed as a result of a powerful earthquake.

The legend of the Carpathians is surrounded by fir forests, which adds magic to the local landscape. The park has a well-developed tourist infrastructure that complements the uniqueness of the Carpathian nature with its comfort.

● Shipit waterfall is a cascading waterfall located in the heart of the Carpathians, at the foot of the Hymba mountain, in a beech gorge. Thanks to its fantastic beauty, it was also included in the list of wonders of Ukraine. The waterfall originates on the high slopes of Velikiy Verkh mountain (1598 m). The height of Shipit is 14 meters. It is in great demand among tourists, because you can admire it at any time.

● The village of ten museums of Kolochava is another tourist highlight of Transcarpathia. Kolochava is a village with a long history, because the first written mention of it dates back to 1463. It is also recognized as the longest village in Ukraine, its length is about 15 km.

However, its main feature is the museums, because there are as many as 10 of them here: the Museum of Architecture and Life "Stare Selo", "Kolochavska Narrow Gauge Railway", "Kolochavsky Bokorash", "Soviet School", "Czech School", historical and military museums: "Line Arpad", "Warriors-internationalists" and "Stayer's Bunker", "Church of the Holy Spirit" (an architectural landmark of the late 18th century in the Baroque style) and Ivan Olbracht ethnomuseum.


● Count Schönborn's hunting castle is another picturesque structure in Transcarpathia that is definitely worth paying attention to. The castle was built by Count Erwin Friedrich Schönborn-Buchheim between 1890 and 1895 and served as a residence and hunting lodge.

It is interesting that the architecture of the residence is made according to the corresponding astrological principles, for example:

- There are 365 windows here, as well as days in a year, there is even 1 bricked-up one, the analogy of which is given for the period of the leap year.

- Schönborn Palace has 52 rooms that symbolize the exact number of weeks in the year.

- There are 12 entrances here, according to the number of months in the year.

The residence is surrounded by a neat park with an area of 19 hectares. Here you can find rare species of trees, including cherry trees, boxwoods, catalpas, Canadian spruces and rose beeches. The highlight of the park is also the pond, whose shape exactly repeats the territorial boundaries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

● Deer farm - a deer farm unique in Ukraine was founded back in 1987. Currently, more than 300 horned beauties live in the farm in a natural environment on 57 hectares of pastures, forests and artificial ponds.

Tourists go to the Deer Farm to admire these beautiful creatures, feed them and take interesting photos as a keepsake. A trip here will especially surprise the youngest travelers.

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● Thermal resorts of Transcarpathia - the region is the leader in Ukraine in terms of the number of balneological resorts, as there are more than 50 thermal springs of various types of mineralization. The most popular thermal resorts are located in Berehove, Kosino and Velyatino. The village of Dovgiy and the city of Mukachevo are also famous for their healing waters.

Vacationers go to the thermal resorts of Transcarpathia to treat diseases related to the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, peripheral nervous system, peripheral vessels, and biliary system.

Local waters are rich in iron, manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium and other trace elements.

● The cheese factory in Nizhny Selysh is famous for its real natural cheeses, which have been produced since 2002 according to Swiss technology in the local cheese factory, which has no analogues in Ukraine. Excursions are arranged for tourists at the cheese factory, during which you can see with your own eyes how milk is turned into cheese and taste several types of cheese: "Khust", "Selysky young", "Selysky mature" and "Narcis Carpathians".

● Uzhhorod is the heart of Transcarpathia and one of the cultural capitals of western Ukraine. This city combines unusual architecture (cathedrals in the middle of the city, Uzhhorod castle, pedestrian bridge over the river, embankment, historical and modern city squares), traditions and interesting cultural events. Also popular among tourists are local restaurants and cafes, where you can taste delicious dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine.

Uzhgorod has a truly special appearance at the end of April - beginning of May, when cherry blossoms bloom here.

● Palanok Castle is one of the best castles in Central Europe. Located on Castle Hill, on the outskirts of the city of Mukachevo.

Although there is no exact date of construction of the fortress, the first mentions of it date back to the 11th century, during the time of Kievan Rus. It was created according to the principles of medieval defense architecture. The castle has four levels, on which three castles are located: Lower, Middle and Upper or Old Castle (Acropolis).

Today, the restored castle is the highest point of the city of Mukachevo (68 meters above sea level) and a must-see for all tourists. Historical and local history museums are located on the territory of the former fortress, and exhibitions of painting and carving are held.

● Svalyava is a Transcarpathian resort, famous for its mineral springs "Luzhanska" and "Polyana", on the basis of which numerous sanatoriums operate, as well as incredible views, delicious Hungarian and Transcarpathian cuisine, and fresh mountain air. The Church of St. Michael the Wonderworker can be singled out among the most visited architectural monuments of the city.

Transcarpathia is a region in Ukraine filled with the spirit of the Carpathians, a rich history, the warmth of thermal springs, the hospitality of local residents and the aromas of delicious cuisine. This is a place that everyone should see at least once, so choose a route and go on an exciting adventure. There are even more interesting tours of Transcarpathia on the Visit Ukraine portal.

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