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How can Ukrainians get financial assistance in Ireland?


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How can Ukrainians get financial assistance in Ireland?

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To receive social assistance in Ireland, you need a personal number from the Public Security Service (PPSN). PPSN is a unique identification number that allows you to receive social benefits and government services in Ireland, received separately for adults and children.

When you apply for a PPSN, you can also apply for a weekly allowance if you need it. The maximum payment for people over 25 is 260 euros. In addition to that, you can get a supplement for a ward of an adult 138 euros, for a child under 12 years 40 euros, for a child over 12 years - 48 euros. For adults between the ages of 18 and 24, the benefit is € 117.70, with a supplement for a ward of an adult of € 117.70. Reduced rates for adults aged 18 to 24 do not apply if you have a child.

In addition to adult allowances, the benefit is also paid separately for children - 140 euros per month.

How to get help?

You can get a PPSN and apply for social assistance right at Dublin Airport. If you have not arrived through Dublin Airport or are already in Ireland and have not applied for a PPSN, you can apply for a PPSN and social assistance at one of the government offices.

If you live in Dublin, Cork or Limerick, you should contact one of the Ukraine Support Centers. In other cities, you should contact one of the Intreo social security offices. If you managed to apply for a PPSN but did not apply for financial assistance, contact the same offices / centers with the PPSN code.

To apply for a PPSN and financial assistance, you must have:

- Ukrainian national identity card (ID-card),

- Ukrainian passport,

or other form of identification.

Once you have applied for PPSN and financial aid, you do not need to do anything else. You will receive a letter with information about further actions. In 5 days you will need to come to your local office and pick up your PPSN. You will then be contacted by phone, email or letter to let you know when your application for assistance will be processed.

Individual financial aid is paid weekly at your local post office. Office staff will provide you with information about your local post office.

If you have children and you are entitled to child benefit, you will receive this payment on the first Tuesday of each month. It will also be paid at your local post office. 

You can also apply for a payment directly to your bank account at a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union. This can be done when your application for financial aid is approved and you receive your first payment at the post office.

Payments can only be made to an account at an Irish financial institution or to a Revolut or N26 account in your name. This applies to both the payment of individual financial assistance and child support.

Read more about how to make payments to a bank card here.

If you receive financial aid and find a job, you must report it. To do this, visit your local Ukrainian Support Center (located in Dublin, Cork and Limerick) or your local Intreo center or branch. You must also notify these centers if your address changes.

If you want to find a job in Ireland, you can find employment opportunities on the website www.jobsireland.ie or call a local employee and one of the employees of the employment service will help you.

Detailed information for Ukrainians arriving in Ireland is here and hereAnswers to frequently asked questions.

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