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16 Mai. 2022


Where will Eurovision 2023 take place: Ukrainians put forward versions



Where will Eurovision 2023 take place: Ukrainians put forward versions

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Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy has already finished, but celebration in Ukraine is just beginning. For the whole next year, the European anthem will be Stefania by the Kalush Orchestra. For months ahead, winning the song contest will inspire Ukrainians to bring Ukraine's main historic victory closer. However, moving towards the cherished dream of our Motherland will not hinder the preparations for hosting Eurovision 2023. The Ukrainian media space has already begun to discuss where and how we will expect guests from Europe next year.

The discussed versions vary from the classic to the most unexpected ones. Frontman of the Kalush Orchestra Oleh Psiuk expressed hope that Eurovision 2023 will be held in a peaceful and restored Ukraine, in particular in his hometown of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. However, the initiative of the band itself in the final prompted Ukrainians to an even more surprising idea: to host the competition in liberated Ukrainian Mariupol. The President also mentioned in his greetings that he hoped to bring Eurovision to Mariupol, but for obvious reasons did not specify whether this would be possible next year. "We will do everything to ensure that one day the participants and guests of Eurovision are hosted by Ukrainian Mariupol. Free, peaceful, rebuilt Mariupol!" - said Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The symbolism of this idea prompted our Eurovision fans to continue this list of affected cities. Among the proposed ones were destroyed Kharkiv and Chernihiv: city residents are hoping to speed up reconstruction before the competition and to celebrate music in the restored hero cities. Mykolayiv and even temporarily occupied Kherson, Melitopol and Berdiansk are also among the symbolic centers of Ukrainian courage.

Some proposals reflect even more ambitious dreams of bringing back home Ukrainian cities: Eurovision fans hope to gather at the Donbas Arena or in Crimean Yalta. Anyways, Ukrainians want to believe that very soon all Ukrainian territories will be liberated and the choice of the city for the competition will be our only problem.

Among the most likely options, experts consider Kyiv and Lviv. The capital has twice hosted Eurovision and other international events at the highest level. It has all the necessary infrastructure, Kyiv is the most ready objectively. However, the version of Lviv is also not rejected: the Leo city is not inferior to the love of the people or the physical ability to host tourists. In addition, it is convenient to get to Lviv for fans from all over Europe. Among other possible options people offer favorite mother-mine Odessa and unbreakable Dnipro. 

Ukraine should give the final answer about the city by the end of summer this year. In any case, after the victory, Ukrainians will be happy to welcome guests regardless of the city. After all, they are all our favorite, flourishing, heroic and, most importantly, forever Ukrainian ones.