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Delicious Lviv: the best restaurants recommended by Andriy Bednyakov



Delicious Lviv: the best restaurants recommended by Andriy Bednyakov

All culinary roads lead to Lviv! The city is famous for its restaurants, unique names and delicious Galician cuisine. Youtube blogger Andriy Bednyakov has released a series of videos of the most delicious places in this Lion City that are hidden from tourists. Find out more about the best places in Lviv based on the recommendations of the city's celebrities

Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website
Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

Food can be called a real calling card of Lviv. Amazing restaurants await tourists at every turn, and their brains are frantically considering hundreds of options for a delicious meal.

You must admit that you can taste Italian pizza, Japanese rolls, or American burgers anywhere. But you can taste pstrug, delicious Lviv desserts, or have a dzygivsky breakfast only in Lviv!

It's a real crime to come to Lviv and just sit in a hotel room! There are so many delicious things to try here. Are you tired of Kryivka and Gasova Lampa? Then we'll show you the places that are constantly hidden from tourists, but are well known to the locals.

So that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest instead of constantly googling dozens of restaurants, Visit Ukraine's editorial team has watched a series of videos about delicious Lviv on Andriy Bednyakov's channel and created a cool selection of the city's establishments.

Become a true explorer of Ukrainian cuisine and be sure to visit the city of Lion!

The best restaurants in Lviv as recommended by Andriy Bednyakov

The first restaurant we want to share with you is Marevo. Here, the best local craft and natural products are combined with Italian craftsmanship. "Marevo offers its customers high-quality culinary services, serving European and Ukrainian cuisine. In this restaurant you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere for various events, celebrations or just meetings with your family.

Another great restaurant recommended by Andrey Bednyakov is White Noise. This restaurant was opened by Kyiv residents on Zaliznyak Street. A characteristic feature of this place is its non-standard dishes. The menu offers a lot of interesting local products depending on the season. For example, in August, you can taste dishes with chanterelles and creamy buckwheat at White Noise. The restaurant also serves delicious liver pates with truffle sauce, walnut and spinach pate, bean pate with nuts, and sweet pepper muhamara. 

Elina Svitolina and Serhiy Stakhovsky's favorite restaurants in Lviv

The first restaurant recommended by prominent Ukrainian athletes is Tisha.Chalet.Restaurant. This restaurant serving modern Ukrainian and European cuisine is located right on the mountain. Thanks to such a good location, guests will be able to enjoy a piece of mountain atmosphere near the very center of Lviv. Taste and style merge in an unsurpassed dance at Tisha.Chalet.Restaurant. This is not just a restaurant, but a real culinary journey that reveals the uniqueness of each ingredient. The restaurant is stylishly decorated with natural wood, ceramics and a symbolic olive. This is a place where you can forget about everyday life and enjoy a pleasant vacation.

Another great location is the Very Fine Dining restaurant. Here you can enjoy an amazing atmosphere, delicious dishes and cocktails. This is a completely new format of catering establishments: cuisine and music without intermediaries.  It is an ideal place for organizing parties, tastings, gastronomic evenings, offsite ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate events and any other celebrations. In addition, at the Very Fine Cuisine restaurant, everyone can create their own unique dish for any amount, from any ingredients and of any size. There is no menu! Just like waiters. Chefs will ask guests about their tastes, give advice and transform their desires into unique dishes.

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What restaurants does Nazva recommend to visit?

The first place that the Galician-Donbas Ukrainian music band Nazva recommends visiting is Black Honey. Here you can enjoy high-quality and delicious coffee, work comfortably, or just fantasize over a cup of aromatic drink. The interior is completely atypical for Lviv coffee shops, impressing with its modernity, conciseness and sophistication. The highlight of the place is a variety of coffee brewing methods. Do not be afraid of incomprehensible names, just ask the barista and he will prepare the perfect drink to your taste!

The next recommendation is Port Wine Bar, which is located on Valova Street near the City Arsenal. The concept of the place is as follows: the most delicious young fruit wine, fresh mussels and simply delicious cuisine. Wine is served here in 200 ml portions, a serving costs 35 UAH, regardless of the type of wine. The serving here is unusual - in cut glasses, “just like sailors used to do”. The bar menu includes various varieties of fruit young wines. Guests can order strawberry, plum, and pomegranate wine. Port Wine Bar hosts movie nights every Wednesday.