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24 Mai. 2022


Financial assistance to internally displaced persons from the Norwegian Council: how to get 2,200 hryvnias


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Financial assistance to internally displaced persons from the Norwegian Council: how to get 2,200 hryvnias

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The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is starting registration for cash benefits for internally displaced persons. The amount of payments will be UAH 2,220 for each family member for one month. The financial aid will be directed for the sake of meeting basic needs for three months.

✅ All internally displaced persons, regardless of their current location, as well as those living in war-affected areas will be able to register. However, financial assistance will be provided to the most vulnerable categories of the registered population who may be eligible for such assistance. Citizens who have received financial assistance from the UN / other organizations in the last 3 months will not be able to benefit from the NRC.

📨 In order to register, you need to download WhatsApp Messenger to your smartphone, add 0 800 609 844 to your contacts and send a message with the text "NRC".

After sending the message to WhatsApp, do not close the application and wait for a response from the chatbot. You should receive a message with information about the organization. In the same message below, the chatbot will ask you to select a language. You need to reply with the number that corresponds to the selected option. The chatbot will then send you messages to respond to in the same dialogue. Follow the messages with instructions for successful registration. Registration will be considered successful if you complete the application.

Do not send messages with the text "NRC" in other messengers or to e-mail. Also, do not try to register using the hotline. Registration is only available through WhatsApp.

You need to provide information about the passport you have, despite the fact that the chatbot asks for a card ID number. Your last name, first name and patronymic must be entered in Latin, as the money transfer system does not accept Cyrillic. For transliteration you can use the following resource: https://dmsu.gov.ua/services/transliteration.html 

You will receive all the information on how the money transfer will be made in the WhatsApp message in case of a positive decision on your application within the next 10 days. The funds will arrive in 1 month after registration.

Please note that the NRC chatbot does not ask you for bank details when registering. If the chatbot requires a pin code, it means that you have made mistakes at some stage. Submit 000 to re-start registration. If the chatbot does not work correctly, does not accept the answer, try again later or press 000 to start over. If you sent a message with the text "NRC" to the specified number, and the messages in the chatbot do not come, try again later.

☎️ Read carefully the instructions you receive in the chatbot to avoid mistakes and speed up the registration process. If you have difficulties during registration or additional questions about the conditions and process of registration, contact the specialists by calling the hotline 0 800 302 007 or e-mail [email protected].

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