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27 Mai. 2022


Last day of registration for the free housing program in Bulgaria: how to apply for Ukrainian refugees?

Für Flüchtlinge


Last day of registration for the free housing program in Bulgaria: how to apply for Ukrainian refugees?

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The Bulgarian government announced May 27 as the last day for Ukrainian citizens to apply for continuous participation in the free housing program for Ukrainians. Registration is available online at the link.

The data provided by citizens in the questionnaire will be used by the National Staff to prepare a logistics plan and schedule for transportation of people in the hotels participating in the government program. Completion of the questionnaire is mandatory for all citizens under temporary protection who wish to continue receiving free housing from the state after May 31. Only after filling out the form you will be provided with accommodation 48 hours before moving. Citizens claiming free accommodation will not be able to choose a new hotel to settle in, but the government is committed to taking care of your hotel location preferences.

Those citizens who do not want to continue to use free housing, who rent an apartment on their own or do not want to leave the hotel where they stay until May 31 - have the right to choose a place of residence at their discretion, but also at their own expense. Such citizens are still asked to fill out the same questionnaire so that the government knows that you no longer need housing from the state.

The Government points out that every citizen over the age of 14 already has a generated username and password on the portal to complete the questionnaire. These data are already in the temporary protection registration cards. Detailed instructions on where to find the username and password and how to submit the application form are available at the link. National hotline number 02 / 905-5555.

It will be recalled that earlier the Bulgarian government extended the program of free housing for Ukrainian refugees, but reduced the amount of compensation to hotels. As a result, lower-class hotels will continue to participate in the program, and citizens wishing to use free housing will have to change their location after May 31 to new facilities.