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03 Jun. 2022


Poland cancels payments for sheltering Ukrainian refugees



Poland cancels payments for sheltering Ukrainian refugees

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From July 2022, Poland will abolish compensation payments to persons who have sheltered refugees from Ukraine. This was stated by the Commissioner for Refugees Paweł Szefernaker. New restrictions are being introduced because many Ukrainians have already adapted to the country and can start working. In addition, many refugees are already returning home to Ukraine.

Now those Poles who provide housing and food to Ukrainians receive 40 zlotys in compensation from the state per day. These payments will stop from July. At the same time, there are categories that fall under exceptions. Thus, the state will continue to cover the costs of people with disabilities, pregnant women and large families. 

Polish families support about 17% of Ukrainian refugees, so the new rules are unlikely to have consequences for Ukrainians in Poland as a whole. However, those who lived at the expense of Polish families can expect changes.