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20 Mai. 2022


How to get "becikowe": assistance for Ukrainian refugees for newborns in Poland

Für Flüchtlinge


How to get "becikowe": assistance for Ukrainian refugees for newborns in Poland

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According to the law on assistance to the citizens of Ukraine, immigrants from Ukraine have the right to one-time assistance at the birth of a child (so-called bechikowe). The amount of assistance is PLN 1,000 per child, payment will be made to a bank account or by postal order.

🧸 The following are entitled to childbirth assistance:

- mother / father of the child

- legal, de facto or temporary guardian of the child

💶 It is necessary to meet the following requirements to obtain bechikowe:

- living with a child and entering Poland from the territory of Ukraine after February 24

- the fact of registration by the commandant of the Polish Border Guard Service of the border control (if the entry into the territory of Poland was not registered during the border control, you must apply for a PESEL number within 60 days from the date of entry)

- PESEL number of the child and parents

- income less than PLN 1,922 per family member (only family members staying in Poland are taken into account)

- a document on the pregnant woman's registration with a doctor no later than 10 weeks of pregnancy (guardians and adoptive parents do not submit the document).

The relevant application must be submitted within 12 months after the birth of the child. This can be done through the Empatia electronic system or in person at the local authority at the place of residence, the social assistance center at the place of residence or at another place designated by the local authorities. The decision will take up to one month. Given the exceptional situation of Ukrainians, it is possible to accept applications in the absence of one of the mandatory documents and provided an explanation of the reasons for the lack of documentation. In case of refusal, it will be possible to file an appeal.

For more information about the program read here.