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11 Jun. 2022


RegioJet launches train from Czech Republic to Ukraine



RegioJet launches train from Czech Republic to Ukraine

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The railway is one of the most convenient ways to travel. Due to the high demand of Ukrainians seeking to return home, the Czech carrier RegioJet is launching a rail service that will repeat the route of evacuation trains. Trains will start running on June 12, 2022.


From the Czech capital, there is an opportunity to get to Kyiv, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, and Ternopil. Trains will also run in the opposite direction.

The flight is a change in Przemyśl on the Ukrzaliznytsia train, which will take you to your destination. Thus, by buying a ticket on the carrier's website, you get a ticket for two trains.



Prague - Pardubice - Cesky Tesin - Zabrze na Moravi - Olomouc - Ostrava (Svinov) - Ostrava - Bhumin - Krakow - Przemysl - Lviv - Ternopil - Khmelnytsky - Vinnytsia - Kyiv


Ukrainians will be able to buy a ticket from Prague to Kyiv for 229 kroons (≈ € 25) and to Lviv for 639 kroons (≈ € 9).

This cost is valid only for Ukrainians. The ticket price also includes breakfast and dinner, coffee and tea, still water, bed linen, and Wi-Fi.

You can buy tickets here. In fact, passengers pay only for a section of the road by Ukrzaliznytsia trains, and the Prague-Przemyśl route is free. In addition, the total cost of tickets for Ukrainians is reduced. How to book a discounted ticket, read on the website.

Ukrainians who meet the following criteria can use the free fare from Prague to Przemyśl and vice versa, if:

1. An international train was chosen for the trip. Present a document proving your identity and crossing Ukraine's border with the EU.

2. Moving through the Czech Republic is allowed under a tourist visa not older than 5 days. A document with a border stamp indicating the type of visa D / DO / 667 or 668 or 669 must be provided. The validity of the visa is determined by the date of issue.

3. Children under 18 years of age, accompanied by a person who meets these requirements.

How to transport animals and luggage? Is it possible to return the ticket? From what age can a child travel unaccompanied by an adult? Read the answers to these and other questions at the link.