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14 Dez. 2021


Travel insurance for extreme sports and adventure activities



Travel insurance for extreme sports and adventure activities

If surfing, snowboarding, diving, rock climbing, quad biking or any other active and extreme exercise is the best recreation for you, before the trip you simply have to protect yourself from risks and unpredictable costs.

Insurance during extreme vacations from Visit Ukraine is a guarantee of your peace, because it is valid all over the world, and all citizens of Ukraine, regardless of age, can be insured.

The "Extreme Vacation" insurance policy will cover the costs of medical care in the holiday country associated with injuries from practicing any sport and / or irregular physical exercise with extreme stress, including:

Snowboarding and skiing;



Jumping from a height and into the water;

Mountaineering and rock climbing;



Horseback riding, camel, elephant riding;

Banjo, rope jumping;

Tourist trips;

Water park, safari;

Beach Soccer;

Swimming in the pool and open water;

Fishing, hunting;

Riding a bike, ATV, buggy, electric scooter, hoverboard, etc.

Coronavirus treatment and observation costs are also covered by this policy. And the bonus is reimbursement of expenses even in the presence of alcohol in the blood.

An insurance policy for active and any other type of vacation is easy to buy online. Enter your personal details, the number of travelers, the age of each and the duration of the trip.

After specifying the required parameters, calculating the cost and payment, the system within 3 minutes generates and sends an insurance contract to the specified e-mail.

Visit Ukraine - Safe Travel has a name.