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26 Jun. 2022


How to save money in Poland: grocery supermarket offers

Für Flüchtlinge


How to save money in Poland: grocery supermarket offers

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With loyalty programs from retailers, consumers can save and get great discounts. Polish supermarket chains allow Ukrainians to participate in loyalty programs, accumulate bonuses, and pay for purchases with them.

Find out in which Polish stores you can buy products profitably.


The French supermarket chain offers everyone to join the Skarbonka program. Joining the program is easy: ask for a plastic card at the checkout, register it online, or create a loyalty card in the Auchan mobile application.

Advantages of the accumulative card:

- Points from shopping. You will save from 0.5% to 1.5% of the amount of your purchases. Please note that points cannot be used to pay for alcohol, cigarettes, medicines, the press, and fuel;

- Special prices for certain goods. You will receive additional coupons in the mobile application;

- Discounts for the elderly;

- Kartą Dużej Rodziny owners will receive an additional 5% discount on all purchases;

- Unlimited return of goods (according to local legislation).


The loyalty program for regular customers of the Carrefour network is called Rodzinka.

There are two ways to join the program: get a physical card at the cashier or customer service or open a virtual card through the Mój Carrefour application.

This card is also accumulative and operates on a cashback basis. When you buy goods, you get points. Having spent PLN 0.01-9.99, you will receive 1 point, for every PLN 10 - 3 points;

600 points = PLN 10. The accumulated coupon will be automatically generated in the Mój Carrefour application, and you will be able to pay for your purchases with it. It is important to remember that the items will not be charged for the purchase of goods such as alcohol (except beer), tobacco, fuel, baby food, large appliances, and replenishment of the mobile account.

For even more deals, read advertising newspapers.

Cashback approach from Kaufland

German supermarkets Kaufland offer their customers to join the Payback program. By joining this loyalty program, you will receive profitable bonuses not only in supermarkets but also in partner stores (Allegro, Ikea, H&M, and others).

Getting a card is easy: fill out the registration form online or at the box office.

How to accumulate bonuses? Every three zlotys become 1 point, and 100 points are converted into 1 zloty, which can be used to pay for the purchase.


Lidl Plus - a program for regular customers of Lidl supermarkets. To save money, download the mobile application for iOS or Android. The registration process is simple: just choose the Lidl store where you buy most often, and provide your name and mobile phone.

You cannot get a plastic card in the store.

By registering in the program, you can:

- Activate discount coupons that can be used when paying;

- Return the goods within 30 days;

- Get additional promo coupons.

Lidl offers additional savings for large families with a Dużej Rodziny card. This card allows you to get an additional benefit of -10% on some product groups.

Moja Biedronka

The Biedronka discount store chain invites customers to join the Moja Biedronka loyalty program. Buyers have the opportunity to get a plastic card or create a virtual one. In the mobile application, users will see individual discounts.

Program participants can save by buying goods at a discount. Favorable offers can be read in advertising newspapers.

As you can see, Polish food chains offer their customers loyalty programs with favorable conditions. If you plan to stay in Poland for a long time, we recommend that you join the programs to receive as many offers as possible.