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14 Jul. 2022


Sea, mountains and lakes: where to relax in Poland in summer



Sea, mountains and lakes: where to relax in Poland in summer

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Poland is a country that is rarely associated with summer holidays and resorts. However, there are many good vacation spots here, and prices are not as high as in popular European resorts. In Poland there is a place for both lovers of the sea and the mountains.



The main sea direction in Poland is the Baltic coast. There are many places where you can arrange a sea holiday.

Swinoujscie is a port town located on 44 islands in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland, it is almost on the border with Germany. The resort boasts the warmest water and the widest beaches. And for lovers of cultural leisure - there are also museums, galleries and medieval fortifications.


Another seaside town is Sopot. In Poland, it is considered one of the most comfortable seaside resorts due to its beautiful beach infrastructure and clean beaches. The coast is surrounded by coniferous forests, which also have a healing effect. And there is the longest European pier in Sopot, its length is about half a kilometer. It is not only a marina for ships, but also a place for walking and holding various events.

The city where there are two bodies of water is Kołobrzeg, it is located at the mouth of the Parsenta River, which flows into the Baltic Sea. The city is often referred to as the Polish spa capital due to the abundance of health centers. And the city has a long history that goes back to Napoleonic times, when Kołobrzeg was a fortified city.

Gdansk and Gdynia are two large maritime cities located side by side on the shores of the Gulf of Gdansk. There are both beaches and a lot of "urban" entertainment: shopping centers, cultural institutions, etc.

The mountains

The Tatras are the most popular mountains in Poland among tourists. This mountain range is well suited for hiking, because it has routes of varying difficulty. The famous Morskie Oko lake is also located in the Tatras, surrounded on all sides by mountains and forests.

Various types of tourism are available in the Tatras: hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, cycling, paragliding and even caving (cave visits), as well as spa holidays. The most famous mountain places: Zakopane and the Tatra National Park.

The Tatras

Bieszczady is an option for a more "wild" holiday in the mountains. There is a natural park of the same name, which is located in the southeast of Poland, near the borders with Ukraine and Slovakia. There is a tourist infrastructure here, but the area is more suitable for hiking. In addition, the mountains are low, which means that the routes here are simple.

Lakes and rivers

Hancza Lake in the Suwałki Landscape Park of the Podlaskie Voivodeship is the deepest lake in Poland. Its maximum depth is 108.5 m. The lake is on the UNESCO list and has very clear water. So here it will be interesting for fishermen and diving enthusiasts.

Hancza Lake

Sniardwy Lake is the largest in Poland, located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. There are eight islands on the lake itself, and it is surrounded by the Masurian Landscape Park. It will appeal to those who like to ride boats, and also fish.

Fans of kayaking should pay attention to the Krutyn River, which flows into the lake in the village of the same name. The village has a developed infrastructure for tourists.

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