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16 Jul. 2022


The Ministry of Defense confirmed the cancellation of limitations on movement through Ukraine for conscripts



The Ministry of Defense confirmed the cancellation of limitations on movement through Ukraine for conscripts

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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed the cancellation of restrictions on the movement of conscripts through the territory of Ukraine. This was reported by the Telegram channel of deputy Oleksandr Fedienko.

In response to the MP's appeal to the Ministry of Defense regarding clarifications on the issue of movement restrictions for conscripts, the Minitstry responded: "To reduce social tension and prevent manipulation of public opinion by decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by order of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine dated 06.07 .2022 No. 85, the Order is canceled, for its finalization taking into account the changes to the legislative acts regulating the movement of citizens of Ukraine under the conditions of the legal regime of martial law.

It will be recalled that earlier the General Staff published an appeal to conscripts with an instruction to obtain permits from military offices for movement in Ukraine. Later, the Procedure for Issuing Permits was canceled by the General Staff, and the document was sent for revision. Lawyers say that the previous document does not meet the requirements of the time: they say, in 1992, when the Law on Military Duty and Military Service was adopted, this norm could have been implemented. However, now in the conditions of a market economy, with millions of displaced persons, it is impossible to implement control over the movements of conscripts. The new order needs changes to avoid major economic, demographic and social problems. From the response of the General Staff to Fedienko's appeal, it is logical to assume that the basic laws regulating the conscription during mobilization and martial law will undergo changes, according to which the General Staff will develop a new Procedure for issuing movement permits.

Earlier, the General Staff also announced that women will be able to register for the military only with their own consent.