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18 Jul. 2022


In Poland, Ukrainians working remotely are allowed not to pay taxes

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In Poland, Ukrainians working remotely are allowed not to pay taxes

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Ukrainian refugees in Poland who work remotely may not pay taxes in that country, but instead, pay them in favor of Ukraine. This is stated in the letter from the Polish Ministry of Finance.

The letter from the Ministry of Finance of Poland states that Ukrainians can pay taxes for the benefit of their state if their income is not from Polish sources. That is, we are talking about employees of those companies that do not have a registered representative office on the territory of Poland.

In this way, Poland showed solidarity with Ukraine, so that Ukrainian taxpayers could continue to support the economy of their country, even being abroad due to the war.

"As a basic rule, we do not rule out the possibility of preserving the center of vital interests of Ukrainians in Ukraine during the war," the letter of the Ministry of Finance of Poland states.

In May, BRDO (Ukrainian Office of Effective Regulation) and the IT Association of Ukraine appealed to the government and the Ministries of Finance of Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia with a request not to change the tax residence of refugee entrepreneurs who ended up in these countries .

"The decision of the Government of the Republic of Poland, which heads the list of countries for the relocation of our companies and teams, will certainly have a positive effect on the stability of the national IT industry, will allow us to keep our specialists, and thus support the country's economy in the future," commented the executive director of the IT- Association of Ukraine.