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17 Jul. 2022


Ukrainians will be able to get a Pole's card in Poland

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Ukrainians will be able to get a Pole's card in Poland

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On July 15, the Council of Ministers of Poland published changes to the procedure for obtaining a Pole's card. From now on, obtaining a card for Ukrainians is simplified. Anyone who meets the requirements can submit documents for obtaining or extending the validity period of a Pole's card on the territory of Poland. Previously, Ukrainians had to contact a Polish consulate in Ukraine. The implemented changes will become effective in two weeks.

The Pole's card is an official confirmation of Polish origin and belonging to the Polish people. The Law "On the Pole's Card" was adopted in 2007. The holder of the card has certain privileges in Poland, for example, a simplified procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit, an accelerated procedure for acquiring citizenship, free education at universities, discounts on transportation, etc.

Procedure for receiving

Requirements for applicants and the procedure for obtaining remain unchanged.

1. Contact an urząd wojewódzki in any voivodeship the Republic of Poland to make an appointment;

2. Submit an application and necessary documents. You can provide the original birth certificate or another document of your ancestor with the nationality mark "Pole";

3. Pass the interview. The conversation will take place in Polish to test your level of knowledge. Be prepared to be asked about the history of Poland and local traditions;

4. Sign the Declaration of belonging to the Polish people.

How long will the application be considered?

The standard term is up to two months from the date of submission of documents.


Issuing a Polish card is free of charge.

The validity period of the Pole's card

The document is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. To extend the validity of the card, you must submit a corresponding application no later than 3 months before its expiration.

According to the answer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, since 2008, 146,628 such documents have been issued in Ukraine.

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