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07 Aug. 2022


Some categories of internally displaced pensioners will be able to receive a pension supplement of 20%

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Some categories of internally displaced pensioners will be able to receive a pension supplement of 20%

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Ukrainian pensioners are entitled to a pension supplement when moving to a mountain village. According to the legislation, the possibility of receiving it is not "tied" to the fact of birth in such a settlement. This is reported by the Pension Courier.

In accordance with the legislation, the amount of state pensions, scholarships, and all types of state material assistance provided for by current legislation to citizens who have received the status of a person working, living, or studying in the territory of a settlement that has been granted the status of mountainous is increased by 20%. This is done at the expense of the state budget. Thus, all Ukrainians registered in mountainous regions, including internally displaced persons, can receive a pension supplement.

In order to receive the allowance, pensioners must obtain the status of a citizen living in the territory of a mountain settlement and obtain a corresponding certificate. For this, you need to contact:

- executive bodies of village, settlement, city councils;

- district state administrations;

- administrative service centers.

The certificate is issued free of charge for 30 calendar days.

At the same time, it is necessary to have the status of an internally displaced person with an indication of the new place of residence. It can be obtained from the locations listed above or via the Diia mobile application.

After receiving the certificate, it must be presented to the Pension Fund authorities. Today, an application for pension recalculation can be submitted to any Pension Fund office, regardless of the place of residence or registration. It can also be done remotely through the web portal of electronic services of the PFU.

Source: Social information platform