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20 Aug. 2022


Ukrainians will be able to use documents in Diia in 58 countries

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Ukrainians will be able to use documents in Diia in 58 countries

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Ukrainians will be able to use documents in Diia in 58 countries around the world. The corresponding decision was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers. It is reported that now citizens of Ukraine will be able to use the electronic display of documents, transfer their electronic copies and have access to public services abroad with electronic documents.

Countries that will receive the relevant data from the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services:

1. Australia

2. the Republic of Azerbaijan

3. the Argentine Republic

4. Burkina Faso

5. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

6. the Hellenic Republic

7. Georgia

8. the State of Israel

9. Ireland

10. the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

11. the Italian Republic

12. Canada

13. Principality of Andorra

14. Principality of Liechtenstein

15. Principality of Monaco

16. the Kingdom of Belgium

17. the Kingdom of Denmark

18. the Kingdom of Spain

19. the Kingdom of Morocco

20. the Kingdom of Norway

21. the Kingdom of Thailand

22. the Kingdom of Sweden

23. the Republic of Latvia

24. the Republic of Lithuania

25. the Netherlands

26. New Zealand

27. the United Arab Emirates

28. the Portuguese Republic

29. the Republic of Austria

30. the Republic of Albania

31. the Republic of Bulgaria

32. Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

33. the Republic of Estonia

34. the Republic of Iceland

35. Republic of Cape Verde

36. the Republic of Cyprus

37. the Republic of Malta

38. the Republic of Moldova

39. Republic of North Macedonia

40. the Republic of Poland

41. Republic of San Marino

42. the Republic of Senegal

43. the Republic of Slovenia

44. the Republic of Croatia

45. the Republic of Montenegro

46. ​​Romania

47. the Slovak Republic

48. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

49. the United States of America

50. the Eastern Republic of Uruguay

51. the Tunisian Republic

52. the Republic of Turkey

53. Hungary

54. the Federal Republic of Germany

55. the Republic of Finland

56. the French Republic

57. the Czech Republic

58. Swiss Confederation

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