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21 Aug. 2022


A new program of free education for Ukrainians in IT has been launched



A new program of free education for Ukrainians in IT has been launched

Support our team that helps 1000 Ukrainians every day

Ukrainian IT company Genesis invites Ukrainians for free training. By bringing together all educational products under the Genesis Academy brand, the company allows students to study areas such as IT product development, DevOps, game development, product management, marketing, testing, recruiting, and design.

Are there any restrictions on participation?

Anyone who wants to start a career in the IT field can become a student of Genesis Academy. Experience in the technology business is irrelevant.

How to become a student?

To be accepted into the course, you need to go through several stages.

  • pass a test;
  • do a practical task;
  • pass an interview.


What plans are there for the future?

Until the end of the year, Genesis Academy plans to implement the following plans:

  • launch six schools;
  • start a Deep-dive course for senior specialists;
  • develop guides for self-study;
  • attract more than 10 thousand students to training by holding two open weeks of training.

Educational materials from past programs are available on the Genesis Academy website.

Genesis Academy lecturers are more than 250 specialists - top managers of Genesis, CEOs of businesses and specialists of various levels. For more information about the training programs, please follow the link.