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27 Aug. 2022


The COVID certificate has expired. Algorithm of actions



The COVID certificate has expired. Algorithm of actions

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The number of coronavirus patients is increasing in Ukraine. At present, the issue of renewing the vaccination certificate has become relevant for many citizens.

People who have two doses of vaccination, but the validity of the COVID certificate has expired, need to come to the nearest vaccination point, get a booster dose and update the "Diia" application. After a few days, another certificate will appear in the application, which will be valid for 270 days.

It should be noted that currently a booster dose is administered only to citizens over 18 years of age.

In order to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, including a booster dose, you need to go to the vaccination centers located in primary health care centers. Look for the list of points at the link.

Previously, expired COVID certificates disappeared from the application. They will now remain in "Diia", but will be invalid.
In Ministry of Digital Transformation said that such an update was created so that the entire history of vaccination against COVID-19 would remain in the smartphone. Now people who have evacuated to safer regions of the country or abroad can prove that they have been vaccinated or take a booster dose if they haven't already.

We remind you that the COVID-certificates in "Diia" are mutually recognized by the European Union. This means that such a certificate can be freely used abroad.