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09 Nov. 2021


Ukrainian COVID certificates in Diia: how to use



Ukrainian COVID certificates in Diia: how to use

Ukraine became one of the first countries outside the European Union to receive recognition and join the Digital COVID Certificate system. Certificates are generated in the Diia app on smartphones with iOS and Android systems.

A digital COVID certificate is a digital document containing information about the available full course of vaccination against Covid-19, as well as the result of a negative PCR test and a certificate of recent coronavirus disease.

You can check the authenticity of the certificate using the QR code. Today, Ukrainians and holders of a permanent residence permit who received the first vaccination or completed the full course of immunization in Ukraine can obtain a digital version of the vaccination document. From September 24, 2021, the COVID certificate can be generated in PDF format on the Diia portal and printed. A document printed from the site is equivalent to an app. The main thing is that it must have a clear QR code so that there are no problems during scanning.

In addition, beta testing of COVID certificates based on a negative PCR test has already been launched, as well as announced certificates for those who recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies.

Interestingly, the Ukrainian COVID vaccination certificate is 2 documents at once:

• separately for traveling abroad – without a photo and with an extended list of medical data,

• separately for internal use in Ukraine – with a photo and the ability to present it for verification without a passport.

Its validity period is 365 days. It is important to note that the pre-generated QR code will work without the Internet, which is very convenient when traveling.

To find out if a selected country accepts a COVID certificate in the Diia mobile app, use the VisitUkraine.Today portal. It's very simple:

– enter the name of the country in the search bar;

– select it and open the "TEMPORARY ENTRY" section;

– there you will find the necessary information.

For example, if you are looking for the rules for entering the Netherlands, then in the country card you will see the phrase: "The Netherlands only recognizes vaccination certificates in the Diia application, as well as printed certificates from the Diia portal." So, with a COVID certificate in the app or a paper certificate with a QR code, you can safely plan your visit to the country.

And remember, when you need help with traveling abroad or entering Ukraine, the 24-hour hotline Visit Ukraine will always help you.

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