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30 Aug. 2022


Departure of men permanently living abroad. What is known?



Departure of men permanently living abroad. What is known?

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The State Border Service of Ukraine informs that men aged 18 to 60 who are citizens of Ukraine, but officially permanently live abroad, have the right to leave Ukraine during martial law. However, only if there is a special stamp in the documents.

According to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Procedure for Exiting Ukraine and Entry of Citizens of Ukraine", such markings are:

• Entry of the migration service in the passport with the text "Permanent residence in ____" / stamp "Exit for permanent residence has been issued" (name of the country and date).

• Entry of the diplomatic institution of Ukraine in the passport "Permanent residence in ____" / "Admitted to consular registration" or a certificate of stay in consular registration, which can be obtained using the tools of the departmental information system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It should be noted that the State Border Service provided explanations on the departure of this category of citizens on the Government Portal.

Departure to a permanent place of residence abroad is a special procedure, the result of which is obtaining a special permit from the State Migration Service of Ukraine. As part of the registration of this document, approval of departure with the military commissariat is provided. That is, a man who has officially changed his place of permanent residence is not registered with any military commissariat of Ukraine, and therefore is not conscripted. In connection with this, he can safely cross the border and leave Ukraine.

However, if a man actually lives abroad, but has not formalized his departure according to the official procedure and has not deregistered at the military commissariat, he does not have the right to leave Ukraine.

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