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30 Aug. 2022


What to see in Chernihiv: tour guide



What to see in Chernihiv: tour guide

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What do you know about Chernihiv? This city has a history of more than 1300 years! The Visit Ukraine team has put together a selection of tours for you: from an express walk through the city in three hours to long city trips.

Secrets of the ancient Chernihiv

During the tour you will get acquainted with the history of the city, which in the times of Kyivan Rus could be compared to the capital. During the day walking group tour you will visit the sights and learn interesting legends about the city which history counts 1300 years.

Personal tour "Chernihiv in three hours"

Do you have very little time to get acquainted with the city? No problem! Experienced guides will show you the most interesting things in a few hours. The tour is possible both on foot and by transport. Convenient time you can choose for yourself.

Personal tour 'Golden Ring of Chernihiv'

Slow walking tour through the city center by the route creating a peculiar ring. The most popular sights of the city are included into the program. We start the tour in the heart of Chernihiv and finish it on the city's avenue with many restaurants and cafes to satisfy every taste.

Personal excursion "St. Boldyn Mountains"

This place has always been a "place of power" for Chernihiv. Even in pre-Christian times, there was a pagan temple here, and in the nearby lake, the people of Chernihiv adopted Christianity, and ancient monasteries were built nearby. During the tour, you will get to know all the historical eras of this city and learn the most interesting legends.

Chernihiv: 1300 years in 5 hours

A rich city tour, where you will explore Chernihiv from ancient times to the present - from Kyivan Rus until the war with the Russian Federation in 2022. The program includes sights and interesting architectural monuments.

Personal tour "Sednev watercolors"

Excursion to the picturesque town near Chernihiv, which is beloved by Ukrainian artists. Here is the House of Art of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and even today in different parts of the town you can meet artists with easels.

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