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28 Aug. 2022


He is waiting for us: The best locations of Crimea, where you can go after the deoccupation


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He is waiting for us: The best locations of Crimea, where you can go after the deoccupation

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Ukrainians believe in the Armed Forces, which will definitely liberate Crimea from the Russian invaders, and proudly remember the incredible places of this unique peninsula, drawing up the optimal routes they will travel after victory.

The last few weeks have really shown us that Crimea's return home is very close. People are increasingly talking about the peninsula, unquestionably considering it a part of Ukraine. We have prepared for you a wonderful selection of places of interest, which for some will revive the memories of childhood, youth or youth, and for others will be the first incredible impressions.

Of course, Crimea has many locations that attract tourists. But we have chosen a little more than a dozen of those that our entire Visit Ukraine team will be happy to travel to after de-occupation.

1. Mount Mithridates

This is a huge mound 91.4 meters high, located in the center of the city of Kerch, which offers a fantastic view of the sea and the surrounding area. Previously, the powerful ancient city of Pantikapei was located on the Kerch hill. Twenty-eight centuries ago, Mithridates VI Eupator was the ruler of the ancient acropolis. The mountain was named in his honor, which meant "the gift of Mithras" - the gift of the Persian god of the sun. Mount Mithridates is of great importance for the residents of Kerch also because it was on its slopes that the German troops were defeated and soon expelled from the city. The Mithridates Stairs lead to the top of the mountain, a magnificent creation in the style of classicism, with viewing platforms, terraces and benches in the shade of trees, built by the architect Alexander Digby.

2. Mishor

One of the warmest places on the Southern coast of Crimea, with a mild subtropical climate. If you visit Miskhor, you can climb one of the most picturesque cable cars in Crimea to Mount Ai-Petri, take a walk in the 18th-century Miskhor Park, where you can meet many exotic trees such as palm trees, olive trees and cypresses, and also admire the palace "Dulber" in the Moorish style.

3. Cape Fiolent

The cape is formed from rocks of volcanic origin, which are the remains of the eruptions of an ancient volcano. The most unique place of the cape, one of its main decorations is the St. George's Monastery, which was founded here as far back as 891. On the southern outskirts of Sevastopol, the cape is characterized by its uniqueness, marked by the incredible beauty of nature and clean air, and has been one of the most beautiful capes of Ukraine since 1969 belongs to natural monuments of local importance.

4. Foros

A sea resort of great beauty, located only 45 kilometers from Yalta. It is famous not only for being the southernmost settlement in Crimea, but also for having the cleanest sea here. This is due to the fact that two powerful currents meet in the waters of Foros. Among the main attractions of Foros are the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, Foros three-tiered park with a huge collection of exotic trees and shrubs, "Paradise corner" - a natural ensemble with six lakes and ponds.

5. Sunny Valley

The valley is surrounded by mountains on almost all sides, so it conquers everyone's heart with silence, clear weather and, located among the hills, cozy uninhabited bays. Nothing prevents you from simply enjoying the natural beauty and peace from the city bustle. Sunny Valley has a huge number of clear days - the sun shines here for 300 days a year.

6. Novyi Svit

This is one of the most beautiful villages in Crimea. There is a winery of the same name for the production of champagne in the classical way, which was founded at the end of the 19th century by Prince L. Golitsyn. There are many bars, cafes and restaurants on the Novyi Svit embankment that offer a variety of entertainment programs, as well as discos. In the central part of the village there is a juniper grove, where there are many footpaths leading to the sea, and the Orthodox Church of Saint Luke.

7. Demirji

The historical name of the massif is Demirji-yaila, which means "blacksmith". It is said that under the influence of a strong wind, pieces of rock fly down with such a thump that they really resemble the powerful blows of a blacksmith's hammer on an anvil. Demirji Mountain is a unique mountain nature and picturesque landscapes. Stopping by one of the Jurla rivers, you will have the opportunity to rest, dive into the refreshing waters of the waterfall, or relax in dozens of quiet and healing natural baths.

8. Cape Tarkhankut

Can you believe that very close to the big cities we are used to, there is a place untouched by civilization? However, it is so. The mysterious Cape Tarkhankut lies in the extreme western part of Crimea. The surface of the peninsula consists mainly of sedimentary rocks, which suggests that the peninsula was part of the bottom of the prehistoric Tethys Ocean. Here is the "Bowl of Love" - a natural pool in a rocky shore, which was popular even in ancient Taurica and served as a test for lovers. They were asked to jump into the bowl holding hands, otherwise the couple's wedding was cancelled.

9. Mount Ak-Kaya

The famous Ak-Kaya or White Rock rises proudly and impregnably above the valley of the Biyuk-Karasu River for more than 200 meters. The height above sea level is 325 m. The white rock gave the city of Biloghirsk its modern name. Ak-Kaya is especially beautiful at sunset, when its entire community takes on a golden hue. And seventeen campsites of primitive people were found here!

10. Bakhchisarai

This is a city located at an altitude of 150-300 meters above sea level. The name of the city translated from the Crimean Tatar language means "palace garden". Among the most famous sights of Bakhchisaray is the Eski-Dyurbe mausoleum from the end of the 15th century. Nearby is the Ben-Yude-Sultan mausoleum, built in 1501, topped by a flat dome. Another famous monument of Bakhchisaray is the Zinjirli madrasa, built by Mengli I Heray in 1500 and located next to the mausoleum. But the main historical attraction of Bakhchisaray is the majestic khan's palace, built in the traditions of Ottoman architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries.

11. Gurzuf

A resort village on the southern coast of Crimea, located between Alushta and Yalta. It is famous for its gorgeous nature, excellent pebble beaches and clear sea. Gurzuf is a picturesque place with a Mediterranean flavor and a popular resort. Nearby is the famous "Artek" children's camp. Gurzuf is the choice of travelers who prefer a quiet, but not boring vacation.

12. Simeiz

In the early Middle Ages, this area belonged to the Byzantines. It was they who built a small castle to protect against nomads. The ruins of this structure have been preserved to this day. In Simeiz, everything is amazing, unique and original to such an extent that it is simply impossible to see something similar elsewhere. Take at least the sea. Only here it has an unusual light blue, even soft turquoise color. The landscape of the area is for every taste. Luxurious villas, subtropical beaches, mountains with unusual and romantic names (Cat Mountain, Virgin, Swan Wing).

13. Jur-Jur

Behind the village of Generalske, in the valley of the mountain river Ulu-Uzen, over many years at an altitude of 468 meters above sea level, the rocky Khaphal gorge was formed. Flowing through the mountainous terrain, the river forms unusual cascades and turbulent rapids, powerful waterfalls and deep pits. One of these strange creations is the Jur-Jur waterfall, which is rightfully considered the most abundant in the Crimean area. Unlike other colorful waterfalls, fed mainly by rains and melting snow, Jur-Jur never dries up and always delights tourists with its power and magnificence at any time of the year. Probably, because of this, the Crimean Tatars called him Curcur, which in translation means "forever chattering".

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