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04 Sep. 2022


Denmark has launched a grant program to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs during the war

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Denmark has launched a grant program to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs during the war

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A grant program to support Ukrainian businesses during hostilities will be launched soon. This was announced by the Danish Refugee Council.

It is a question of allocation of financial assistance up to 15 thousand dollars for the entrepreneurs who had to evacuate their business to another region of Ukraine or who have to restore their production capacity.

The size of the grant payment will depend on the number of jobs at the business, created or restored, saved for workers. Personal business needs are also considered.

Who is eligible for assistance?

Businesses that:

    • Relocate a business to a safer location in order to continue operations and create new or retain existing jobs;

    • Expand operations and create new jobs, and the business is unaffected by hostilities;

    • If asset infrastructure is damaged, the business needs funds to rebuild and wants to resume operations. Emphasis is placed on creating new, preserving existing jobs;

    • The business is focused on new markets and plans to change business activities due to loss of infrastructure/assets due to hostilities. Grant funds may be awarded for the creation of new jobs, retention of existing jobs.

What is needed to receive a business support grant from Denmark?

Each application must meet certain criteria:

    • The person applying has experience in business activities, can prove the profitability of the business before the start of full-scale hostilities in Ukraine;

    • Provide a business plan and a clear understanding of how to restore/relocate/expand/diversify the business to new markets;

    • There is no violation of the current legislation, legal and legal obstacles to doing business.

We remind you! If you have any questions, you can contact the Visit Ukraine hotline at +380 93 972 4145 for help. Here, consultants are available around the clock to help you resolve various issues.