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05 Sep. 2022


Ukrainian students can use free public transport in Wrocław

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Ukrainian students can use free public transport in Wrocław

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September 1st is the beginning of the academic year not only in Ukraine, but throughout Europe. Among the millions of Ukrainians stranded abroad, many school-age children are already enrolled in local schools.

But not all parents know that for pupils in some countries there is the possibility of free travel in public transport.

So, in Poland, in the city of Wroclaw, such a service is provided not only for children who study full-time in Polish schools, but also for Ukrainians who continue to receive education online in Ukrainian schools while in Poland. The city authorities of Wroclaw confirmed this decision officially.

Conditions for free travel

In order to use the free ride, the pupil must show the controller the following documents:

• certificate of studying

• identity document

This benefit is valid for Ukrainians under the age of 21 who arrived in Poland after February 24, 2022 and study in institutions of basic education, basic secondary education and specialized secondary education. But this does not apply to university students.

If the child is a pupil of a Polish school, you must have a Polish pupil`s card with you and present it at the request of the controller.

In the case of distance learning in a Ukrainian school, the pupil`s parents must submit a document that confirms his distance learning. This eliminates the need for compulsory education in educational institutions in Poland.

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