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07 Sep. 2022


Rules for moving personal belongings when entering Ukraine. What do you need to know?



Rules for moving personal belongings when entering Ukraine. What do you need to know?

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The State Customs Service of Ukraine reminded citizens of the rules for moving personal belongings when entering Ukraine.

Personal belongings moved by citizens across the customs border of Ukraine in hand luggage, accompanied and unaccompanied baggage, are NOT subject to customs payments and are exempt from official control measures.

As a general rule, personal items are not declared in writing. However, if desired, a citizen can declare his personal belongings in writing. In addition, a written declaration must be submitted if requested by a customs official.

The list of goods that can be classified as personal belongings of citizens is given in Article 370 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

The most common items on this list are listed below:

• personal hygiene products and individual cosmetics in the amount that meets the needs of one person for the duration of the trip;

• 0.5 liters of toilet water and/or 100 grams of perfume;

• clothes, underwear, shoes that are of a purely personal nature, intended exclusively for personal use and have signs of being used;

• personal jewelry, including those made of precious metals and stones, which have signs of having been in use;

• individual writing and stationery;

• portable musical instruments in the amount of no more than two pieces;

• no more than two cellular (mobile) phones, pagers;

• portable personal computers in the amount of no more than two pieces and peripheral equipment and accessories for them;

• individual medical products for ensuring the vital activity of a person and monitoring his condition with signs of those that were in use;

• medicinal products (in the order and volumes determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the volumes and order of import of medicinal products and special baby food by citizens into the customs territory of Ukraine");

• ordinary and/or strollers in the amount corresponding to the number of children crossing the border together with the citizen, and in the absence of children - in the amount of no more than one piece;

• one wheelchair for persons with disabilities for each person with disabilities who crosses the customs border of Ukraine, and in the absence of such a person - in the amount of no more than one;

• sports equipment, in particular a bicycle, intended for use by one person.

If, in addition to personal belongings, you are moving some gifts, souvenirs and other goods purchased abroad, you must remember that one person can import goods into Ukraine without taxation:

the total weight of which does not exceed 50 kg or the total invoice value of which does not exceed 500 euros.

The State Customs Service of Ukraine also emphasized the possibility of choosing one of the customs control corridors - "green" or "red".