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09 Sep. 2022


Elizabeth II: highlights of her reign and support for Ukraine



Elizabeth II: highlights of her reign and support for Ukraine

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In the evening of September 8, the world heard the sad news about the death of Elizabeth II. The Queen of Great Britain passed away at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The British royal family was present by her side at the estate after concerns about the queen's health grew the day before. Elizabeth II played a very important role in the life of many countries of the world. It entered the history books and ended an entire era that lasted more than 70 years.

It's time to devolve. What is known about the secret operation "London Bridge"?

In 2017, the British newspaper The Guardian revealed a protocol called "London Bridge", developed in the event of the death of Elizabeth II. The document provides for a number of measures, and also describes in detail the funeral and solemn ceremonies that will take place within ten days after the death.

According to the protocol, the last minutes of the Queen's life were to be monitored by a medical team. The first to learn the sad news, as planned, was the personal secretary of Elizabeth II. He announced the shocking news to the Prime Minister. The information was then passed on to the Commonwealth of Nations, which is also headed by the Queen.

The main page of the royal family's website was later replaced by a black page with a short statement confirming the death. Within ten minutes of the announcement of Elizabeth II's death, British flags were flown at half-mast.

All UK government sites black-bannered. Every official now has a certain time to wear a black armband.

According to London Bridge, the Queen's funeral will take place ten days after her death. Big Ben will chime at 9am and then a procession will lead the coffin from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey. The ceremony will last until 11 am.

According to The Guardian, Great Britain will "freeze" on this day. At noon, there will be not one, but two minutes of silence across the country. This day in the country's history will be declared the Day of National Mourning.

Bright moments of the 70-year reign of Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne for 77 years. This period is the longest reign in the history of the British monarchy. Seven decades of joy and drama, accompanied by changes in British society.

Although the Queen ascended the throne on 6 February 1952, she was not crowned until 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey. Millions of Britons watched the coronation, which was broadcast live for the first time. Several dozen representatives of foreign monarchies and heads of state were also present at the event.

The long reign of Queen Elizabeth II was marked by her high sense of duty and desire to dedicate her life to the throne and her people. For many, it became a symbol of stability in a changing world where Britain's influence was waning, society was changing beyond recognition, and the role of the very institution of the monarchy was in question.

The success with which she managed to lead the monarchy through such turbulent times is all the more significant because when Princess Elizabeth was born, no one predicted that she would be destined to sit on the throne.

Charles is the next heir to the throne

According to the order of succession to the British throne, Prince Charles became the heir. He was born in 1952, the eldest child of Elizabeth and her late husband, Prince Philip. His coronation will take place in a few months.

The new King Charles has already officially chosen the name of the monarch - Charles III. He will later meet Prime Minister-elect Liz Truss before heading to memorial services across the country, including Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff.

Unlike his mother, who ascended the throne prematurely at the age of 25 when her father, King George VI, died suddenly, Prince Charles, 74, has spent his life preparing for the crown. He is the long-term heir and will be the oldest British monarch to ascend the throne.

The war in Ukraine and the support of Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II has rarely spoken out about the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, but to mark the 31st anniversary of Ukraine's independence and six months since the start of a full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation, the Queen announced Britain's support for Ukraine.

In a series of tweets, the official account of the British Embassy in Kyiv said: "Her Majesty the Queen greets the people of Ukraine." In addition, in her message to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, she emphasized:

"I am very pleased to convey to Your Excellency and the people of Ukraine my most sincere congratulations on the occasion of the celebration of Independence Day.

In this extremely difficult year, I hope that today the Ukrainian people in Ukraine and around the world will have an opportunity to celebrate their culture, history and identity. May better times await us in the future."

Also in March of this year, Elizabeth II showed her support by making, she said, a "generous" donation to the charity Committee for Emergency Situations to help Ukrainian refugees.

Blue and yellow colors in the unsurpassed outfits of Elizabeth II

It is impossible not to mention the public appearances of Elizabeth II dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

The Queen chose such a combination under the close attention of cameras, for example, at the opening of a new branch of the London Underground in 2022. Then the whole world watched with admiration the fashionable images of the monarch and understood that in this way Elizabeth expressed support for Ukraine in such a difficult time.

Also, in August of this year, the Queen once again appeared in public to express her continued support for Ukraine. We thanked her by giving her a hat instead. A very symbolic gift. How can you imagine Elizabeth II without her legendary headdress?

Specially designed for her by a Ukrainian designer, this hat combines the colors of our country. The accessory is blue and decorated with handmade yellow and blue silk flowers.

To mark the 31st anniversary of Independence Day and relations between Great Britain and Ukraine, hats were officially presented by the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to the British Ambassador in Kyiv, Melinda Simmons.

Despite the heavy loss, the era of the British royal family continues. May the future bring good luck to this wonderful country, and may the soul of the Great Queen Elizabeth II find peace!